Monday, 7 October 2013

I know I said I wanted to post more, but life has been very busy. Time seems to be moving by fast, the summer holidays went by in a blur of time off, time on the beach - on the Isle of wight and just relaxing. T has started a new school and has celebrated his eighth birthday, growing up fast.Still no news on my job, but the process of privatisation appear to be gathering a pace. Any actual physical split of staff, the service etc will not happen at least until next April if not later. At the moment I have not made a decision on anything, my thoughts are to carry on, I still have a job at the moment and if there is an opportunity for voluntary redundancy then I could do ok, depending on the terms/conditions.

I still want to blog more regularly but bear with me, because life will get in the way.


  1. Glad to see you back. In case of threat of redundancy, never leave before, unless you are offered a real deal. I did that once and lost lots. Just hang in there. xx

  2. Reading your words here mirrors my feelings exactly. I know just how you feel. My blogs have all taken a back seat whilst the important things in life - like living - have taken priority.
    Just nearer to home - I was supposed to be playing the Organ at MK Museum last Sunday, and what did it do? Rained ALL day! Oh, well, such is life. Take care and as Campfire says - wait for the 'real deal'.
    Cheers... Bernard. {hugs}

  3. I hope you're keeping OK and are just busy as you're not blogging. Take care, the lovely weather is hopefully with us for a while, hope to see you back.