Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm still here.........

Yes, I know it has been over two months but I have been still reading blogs, although not commenting and not blogging myself, just havent felt the blogging mojo and we have been busy. There has been great things and not so great things going on. In May beloved and I went to see Seth Lakeman in concert in Oxford - he was wonderful. We have also seen T invovled in a number of events in his last year at his current school - he goes to middle school in September and it has been great to see school plays, sports days and awards. We have also been enjoying the fantastic weather and have the summer holidays to look forward to.

The not so great things include now having a 3 year renewal driving licence due to my ongoing eye problems, which are not going to get any better - the best I can hope for is no further deterioration. At least I didnt lose my licence! Work is not so good, I work for the Probation Service and as many may know, it is up for privatisation and there is a lot of uncertain for everyone in terms of their jobs. I really feel like I am in limbo at the moment and it seems that we will not know where we stand for some time. Yes, I could be at risk of losing my job in the long term. In remembering my girl guide motto 'Be prepared', we are now saving a regular amount each month, in an attempt to have some sort of savings in the case I do lose my job. It wont be much, but at least its an attempt to do something positive rather than just wallowing in dejection and despair.

So as ever there is also positives and negatives, usually more negatives, but I keep trying to keep everything in perspective and just 'roll with the resistance'.
Till next time, bright blessings x