Monday, 6 May 2013

The Rollright Stones

A couple of weekends ago we had to go to Oxford, we made a day of it and on the way there we stopped at the rollrights - a group of standing stones and a very special place.I had wanted to go for some time, it was raining, but still wonderful, an ancient neolithic site with a dolmen - burial chamber and long barrows as well.
A very special place, I got goosebumps walking into the circle

Standing by the whispering knights dolmen

The witch!

The king's stone - separate from the circle and dolmen

The witch turning the king into stone
One of the main myths is that a witch turned a king and men into stone, also that you can not count the number of stones in the circle - T tried 3 times and got a different number each time - make of that what you will! I would throughly recommend the site for a visit. Till next time
Blessings x


  1. Lovely photos! one of our friends had her hand fasting there.

  2. One of my favourite places in the world... I used to live just down the road. Glad you loved it too. Jc

  3. ahhh yes :) this instantly brought back memories of the night spent there sitting around a fire the last blue moon :) my friends and i will be there again for the autumn equinox...cannot wait!

  4. I love the twiggy witch. lol