Tuesday, 19 March 2013

moving forward

Many, many thanks for all the kind and thoughtful comments on my last post. We are slowly coming to terms with the loss of our dog, it will take time and we all miss her. There is something about opening the front door and seeing a waggy tail. We are pet less at the moment, beloved says he never wants another dog, I dont really believe him but it will be sometime before we have anything else. The twists and turns that our life is taking at the moment means that we are better off not having such a committment. So whats been happening.......

We had a get a new car, not what we had planned, but we now have a car that is far more efficient and economical and also only £30 a year road tax, cant be bad. Things are going on for both beloved and I at work. Beloved has been transferred to another branch, not his choice, but either that or redundancy, the problem is that it is further away and he will need some form of transport, its too far to cycle. Not sure what we will do, its always one step forward, two back. I dont normally mention my work, I work for the Probation Service and we have the sword of privatisation hanging over us, it will be going ahead and we will probably all end up working for serco!!! Worrying times ahead, but my tactic at the moment is not to think about it otherwise I would make myself ill.

I've been reading several comments recently about the very 'extreme' frugal living blogs and how they affect people in terms of  making people feel guilty for spending money. I've stopped reading these blogs, some of them can seem quite judgemental and as I have commented on other blogs, I dont want to wear a hair shirt. We all spend our money of different things and have a million and one reasons why we do so. We do have treats, little luxuries and days out, these are all budgetted for and we are still paying off the debts at a steady pace. I am wanting to focus on the here and now and what is important to me, hence no longer beating myself up that we do spend money at times.

Given the uncertainties with work and focusing on living life how we want to, has got me thinking about the future and what I want to do. For the time being, I will stay at work to see what pans out with the privatisation. What I am thinking about are plans for myself. I want to do a bit of a garden makeover and I want to learn more about permaculture, this is something that really interests me and I would like to incorporate this into our garden. My spiritual path is developing and after spending a lot of time on a winding,wiggly path, I have reached the point of being certain in what direction I am heading. There is so much to learn and absorb, it is exciting and I want to spend more time on this path and my development. This is all part of my attempts to live in the here and now, but I do still dream!!

Blessings x


  1. So much going on for you Becky, but there is a sense of strength in your post. Despite the uncertainties about the things that you can't control, there is a sense of calm resolve about those that you can. Good luck with everything. x

  2. How nice to hear the voice of reason with regard to the extreme frugal blogs - they can make you feel guilty for spending money on items that are important to us and not them - it can be a worrying time when jobs are at risk - I hope all goes well for you - you never know serco may be an improvement for you - it was definitely better for us (housing) when we were privatised xxx

  3. getting some direction can make you feel purposeful and strong, I'm happy you have set your sights on what fulfils you.
    I'm sure you will miss your girl for a long time yet XX

  4. Im so sorry about your dog, it seems like your strength has been tested recently, but i am so glad that you feel you are on the right path now.
    How exciting, i look forward to lots more posts about it.
    Oh my goodness do i agree with you about the EXTREME frugal posts!

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog.

    First visit here today. I agree with you about the extreme frugal posts. A few years ago we were hardcore frugal in order to pay off our debts. I think it's really easy when you have that lightbulb moment to get so carried away with the enthusiasm of having a new goal and feel so strongly about getting into the position of debt that things get skewed.

    We gave up a lot to pay off our debts but I think we always knew some of our decisions were extreme, we also knew that other than moving across the country to live somewhere cheaper, all the changes were as temporary or permanent as we wanted them to be. We were focused and thought everything we did was the right thing to do but I hope we kept our mouths shut about it to other people!

  6. I'm pleased you are on the right path. It will take a lot of time to recover from the loss of your dog, I have lost a few cats over my lifetime and it has been heartbreaking.

    It's difficult being extremely frugal for everything with my husband, he doesn't do moderate!

    I used to work for the Probation Service before I left to have my son. Had a few jobs in that area of life, mostly on the side of catching, sentencing and retaining criminals!!! Then moved into private sector onto completely different track. I know it has changed a lot since those days of local services.

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