Monday, 10 December 2012

Mitts and money

Firstly, look what came in the post for me, just at the right time as well with the cold weather. Anne Marie at Beetles, bikes and books made these fingerless mitts for me. Thank you so much.
I also recently received some lovely Christmas delight from Callie at Callies Cottage. A while ago, she had a Christmas giveaway - I won some Father Christmas goodies, including some decorations for our Christmas tree. I would post pics, but the battery in the camera has died.

On the money front, I had returned to the envelope system for things like the food/petrol budget. I have also been writing down everything we have been spending, as well as shopping lists and menu planning. I went through our direct debits and cancelled only one which was unnecessary. On the whole, I think we are getting back in control and we have stuck to our Christmas budget.


  1. So pleased that you received some lovely goodies in the post! Good, also, to hear that you feel that you are getting back in control on the money front. It can be such a worry, can't it. Take care.

  2. Sounds as if you've have some lovely treats through the post. Glad to hear that things are getting back on track. Jx

  3. Glad you won some Christmas decorations and that you're getting back on track too. It's always a lot more difficult when you have young children. I think it was never so tough when mine was small, there weren't the same expensive temptations for them to ask for, nor the same peer pressure, although there was the Farah trousers phase and the Lyle and Scott jumpers, not a bad thing as they lasted for ages and ages.

    Oooh, they do look nice on you.

  4. Am totally up for this envelope system for the new year. Such a good idea