Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pay day

Yes, a few campers just because there has a been a lack of VWs on the blog recently!
Many thanks for everyone who commented on my last post . I am in a more cheerful mood. It is pay day for beloved today, I will be paid on Friday and I am determined to get back in control with our finances. Ilona is right, you have to meticously watch what you spend your money on and every spend. I used to do this, but have over time, drifted away from it. Likewise with menu planning and shopping lists etc - in the past year, these good habits have gone by the wayside and I need to get back in the saddle as such.

This year we have set a budget for Christmas and this includes the food as well as presents - we have to buy presents for 8 kids and 2 adults. We have our decorations and do not go out every year and buy new, as I know some do. Im not worrying about it, as we have set our budget and will be ready. I cant wait until I finish on Christmas Eve and can look forward to being off until 7th Jan with beloved and T - just family time. I have given a lot of thought to your comments and what I know to be good money habits and have decided to start with the following:

  • A return to shopping lists and menu planning
  • Setting and sticking to a weekly shopping budget - this has been sliding as well recently
  • Adding up as I go alone to ensure that I stick to said budget
  • No unecessary car journeys - wasting petrol
  • Cancelling any unecessary direct debits and other expenses
  • Spending diary - I have found a blank note book I can use, I used to do this all the time, cant believe I stopped
  • Being mindful of the energy we use, I think we are already quite good at this, but I'm sure we could get better
  • Batch cooking - not something I have really done, always had the excuse of not enough time, but I guess you have to make the time. 

So this is the start of us getting back in control of our money, saving money and hopefully paying off the debts even quicker, that would be the best bit.Watch this space to see how we get on
Blessings x

Edited - Very sorry I seem to have inadvertently deleted the previous post and comments, I didnt mean to!


  1. Like you, I'm finding the Christmas spend really intimidating this year! Hope that your run up to the holidays goes smoothly. Jx

  2. Hi Becky, I didn't see your previous post - but thanks for your comment on that video we posted... I've just replied to it & funnily enough it's about income verses happiness. We used to do all of what you are saying above & some are just habit now, but I no longer worry - yet our income is half of what it was 10 years ago & our rent is far more than our mortgage was. I think we do less these days or do more things for free & of course, Sal & Rose no longer live with us, but we often wonder how on earth we manage... We just do & happily so. I would recommend two things - Check out this inspirational blog: & read all you can about the law of attraction. There's a cheesy film & book called The Secret, we were given the DVD some years ago & have since met lots of people whose lives have changed because of it! It's about changing the way you think... Hope you enjoy it!

    Kay :)

  3. You sound so much more positive Becky. I'm sure you will overcome this. Check your email please as I've left a message.

    I dread Christmas, I just can't stand the fuss. I also have doubts about getting a meal for people other than the two of us, like getting it ready on time and coping with the lack of space in the kitchen. I have managed to get out of it for two years now!

    Hope you manage to do the meal planning, I have never been able to manage that, husband comes in all times and so I often do a veggie thing for me and something else for him.

  4. Hi Becky,Do you remember winning my Festive giveaway?Can I just check the address I have is current and that you still fancy some festive goodies? Can you email me at do you still fancy traditional style....anything else you like?..Warm Wishes,Callie x

  5. Good luck with all the frugal ways to save. I have to get back in the saddle too. It can be challenging at times but oh so necessary. I pray your glaucoma doesn't affect you to the extent you can no longer drive.