Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Did you celebrate Halloween/Samhain, we did as the 31st is Beloved's birthday. He is holding a special cake that his mum bought him from Choccywoccydoodah - the Brighton Cake makers/designers. His Mum visited Brighton a couple of weeks ago mainly to visit the shop and decided to get the cake. It was a layer of dark chocolate rice krispies, milk cornflakes and then marshmellows on top covering in white chocolate. Very nice too, dont know why beloved is pulling odd face. As you can see T has lost his two top teeth. Choccywoccydoeodah has become well known for their one off cake designs and recently there has been a series made about them. Beloved's mum has been watching the show and then decided that she had to visit the shop. As much as the cake was nice, it is all a bit overpriced in my opinion, but it was kind of his mum to buy the cake for beloved.


  1. Lovely cake, nice thought, but overpriced just as you say. I wouldn`t go out of my way to buy anything from that shop, evenso we live close to Brighton. Hope hubby had a great birthday.
    Looks as if T enjoyed the cake more, lol.

  2. My husband would love a cake like that! Hope you had a nice time. Jx

  3. Always better when someone else pays!

    Looks great - hope you all had a good time!

    Kay :)

  4. ohhh now i would love to try that cake! it sounds just perfect...bad for me but perfect!