Monday, 22 October 2012

Its been a while since my last post, I've been busy and I've been going through a bit of fog when it comes to blogging and really life in general. Just recently, I havent felt like blogging and when life gets tough as it does from time to time, I tend to retreat into my shell. However, I'm back to the blogging, feeling a lot more positive about life and everything. For some time now, we have been trying to find something that we can enjoy as a family, aside from the things we do already. This month we have supporting the local ice hockey team - MK Lightning.

We have been to two matches and had a great time on both occasions. We are going to continue to go to the home games, not all of them, probably twice a month. We will budget for the games each month and also take our own snacks for the breaks. For those those who might be interested, ice hockey is played as 3 20 minutes plays with a 15 minute breaks between the plays.  Aside from the ice hockey, there is not much else that we have been doing, aside from staying at home to save money and having a bit of a clear out! Although we were very upset when the house move and mortgage fell through, we then have spent time trying to resolve some of the storage and space issues which were some of many reasons for moving. We have managed to sort some of these issues which includes having a clear out. This includes selling a load of books neither I nor beloved wanted and we made £50 selling the books. We still have some way to go and I like the idea of having less "stuff".

I will leave you with a photo of T sitting in the giants chair with the "The big bardic book", beside it. We found this on our recent forest walk at a reasonably local forest managed by the Greensand Trust.