Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hello all, thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. We have made a complaint to Halifax and are now waiting to see if we stand a chance of getting any money reimbursed. We have recently been to Cornwall for a week to visit family, T has spent two weeks with his grandparents in Cornwall. I'm currently off for the last week and a bit with T until he is back to school next Wednesday.We paid a visit to the steam railway in Launceston - T loved it.
At the end of the railway there was a playground and farm animals for the kids.
We also had a day out in Brixham, still a working fishing town.
The lifeboat was in, just waiting. We were able to look around the lifeboat station and look at the inshore lifeboat. T and beloved thought this was wonderful.
We also went for a look around Bodmin jail - this was the execution room.
I felt an overriding sense of sadness. The prison had both civil and naval prisoners at one time. Did you know at one time you could be jailed for being an indefatigable rogue. Many sad stories of children aged 10/11 being transported for stealing raisins and eggs and other seemingly minor things.
We also parked up at Minions on Bodmin Moor and visited the Hurlers. Sorry for the quality of the pic - it was raining and very windy. The Hurlers are just one of many ancient stone sites in Cornwall. I found it a very special place and definitely felt energy coming from the stones. We had a wonderful week and as always I was sad to leave Cornwall, but I know I will return.

Monday, 6 August 2012

disappointed and upset

Firstly thank you for the kind comments about the dog. She is better, however the medication dose has been increased. We are now having to budget £100 per month with the increased meds costs, but she is worth it and it is great to see her feeling better. Some may remember that I have talked about us moving to another house, well we found a buyer for our house, found a house that we liked and the process started with searches, surveys etc. There was no virtually no chain and everything seemed to be going along well.

Well, our dream of moving has been completely shattered. It is a saga, we had a mortgage in place, however the mortgage provider has since pulled the plug on the new mortgage. We were told at the beginning that the mortgage was in place, however it has been stopped. We are gutted, we would never had started this process if for a moment we thought we wouldnt get a mortgage. We have already spent out around £1500, its unlikely that we will get this back, although given it is the mortgage provider's fault and they have admitted their mistake, we are going to try to get the money back. We also feel for the buyer for our house who has spent out time and money. Our house has had to come off the market.

I wont go into it all, but suffice to say my debt has yet again come round to haunt me and continues to cause problems. After much discussion and a few tears, we have decided that we will be staying here for another 3 years and then reviewing what we do then. I'm so upset, I really thought things had turned a corner for us and then the rug is pulled from under us, through no fault of our own. Hey ho, another hard lesson.
Till next time, bright blessings