Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The bluest sky

The weather here has been absolutely glorious with the most bluest sky, the photo doesnt really do it any justice. It is very hot and what a good start to the summer holidays. I'm at home this week with T, beloved and I are alternating the weeks and T has a week in Cornwall and then we will join him the following week. Cant wait for that, I'm making plans already. I am glad for the time off, I needed a break from work. The dog is better, she has had her first blood test since being on the meds and the results were good and showed an improvement. She has to have another test next Monday and then again in a months time. She seemsto be responding well. I'm looking forward to a walk in the woods later in the week, will post more pics then.


  1. Too hot for me! I was just telling Kath, who by the way was making soup! that it was 80 in the shade here today in Bucks.
    Hope your hols stay fine, we could all do with a bit of sunshine.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the first blood test was good. Jx

  3. Glad to hear about the dog, and glad you are feeling more yourself. Enjoy the time in Cornwall.

  4. I too love this weather. Just come back from a holiday in Bulgaria where we had wall to wall sunshine and average temperatures of 35C. Our 25C here at home feel just mildly warm to me, after Bulgaria. You and other readers here can pop over to my blog and read all about our adventure, as I am in the process of reporting on our holiday in several episodes.
    Good to hear you are much better after your nasty cough. Best wishes to you and hopes for the dog to recover soon, too.