Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The bluest sky

The weather here has been absolutely glorious with the most bluest sky, the photo doesnt really do it any justice. It is very hot and what a good start to the summer holidays. I'm at home this week with T, beloved and I are alternating the weeks and T has a week in Cornwall and then we will join him the following week. Cant wait for that, I'm making plans already. I am glad for the time off, I needed a break from work. The dog is better, she has had her first blood test since being on the meds and the results were good and showed an improvement. She has to have another test next Monday and then again in a months time. She seemsto be responding well. I'm looking forward to a walk in the woods later in the week, will post more pics then.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

more money out=never enough coming in

Thanks for the kind comments about the dog, she has started on the meds - one tablet a day on the lowest dose. The vet says it will take several weeks to kick in and she has to have regular blood tests to monitor the dose. I've worked out that we will now have to find an extra £70 per month to cover the tablets and blood tests. This will mean another juggling of the budget, she is worth it, but it is sure expensive, I think pets now are becoming a luxury. I dont think we will have another dog for quite some time once Rhonda has gone.

Did anyone see the tv programme the town that never retired. We did and it worried us both, we have worked out that we will both have to work well into our sixties before we get any pensions. What concerns me is the impact on our health that this will have, perhaps the government are hoping that by extending the retirement age, no one will retire as we will have all been killed off!! Beloved has been having problems with his shoulders and has a GP appt. We both think this is an effect of his job and I think he is developing arthritis, how are older people to supposed to carry on working in physically demanding jobs? I am really trying not to let such thoughts worry me, but the programme was concerning. What was sad was the apparent lack of work ethic in several of the young people that were attempting to find work. I wondering what sort of future these young people would have.

Anyway focussing on the here and now and the house move is moving along, the survey has been completed and waiting now to exchange contracts. Fingers crossed. I know I moan about money, but there are a number of reasons we are moving and financially things will change again for us, but there's never a dull moment when you are juggling the finances!! Till next time and take care all.

Monday, 9 July 2012

A better me but a poorly dog

Many thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions on the last post. My cough has disappeared and I havent had to use the inhaler for some time, very pleased about that, although keeping the inhaler just in case the cough returns. Beginning to think that it may have been hayfever or an allergy perhaps. As I get better, the dog is now poorly, she has had a number of tests with the vet who now thinks it could be cushings syndrome. This affects either the adrenal glands or the pituary glands into the overproduction of steroids. Poor thing, she has been quite unwell. The next step will be starting treatment and seeing how she responds. Greyhounds are different to other breeds of dogs and the vet told me that it is very unusual for a greyhound to have cushings. I think the old girl is a bit of a conumdrum.

So aside from a poorly middle-aged dog, we are all ok at the moment, which is just as well. We dont have pet insurance, we did look into it but the premiums were high. Rhonda has a pre-existing issue with her broken hock - the leg was not set properly - a botch job according to our vet, the owner didnt really care, just another racer. Anyway this really bumped the cost up and so we made the decision not to have insurance, you have to pay up front anyway and then claim it back. Pets are indeed a luxury, but worth it. We are just plodding on, trying to live well and live happy on the little we have.