Monday, 11 June 2012

IOW in the rain

To start, my favourite quote of the day -
" I aint got time to bleed" - Beloved is currently watching Predator on Film 4, a classic!

For that last week we have been on holiday camping on the isle of wight. It was ok, a shame about the weather, which resulted in us coming home a day early and nearly losing the tent several times due to the gales. 82mph was recorded at the needles whilst we were there. We were throughly soaked and struggled to get things dry throughout the week. Having said all that, we did have a good time, didnt make it to the beach, but did have some good adventures.
To start, this is a photo taken at Shanklin chine, it is beautiful here and peaceful.
The IOW has one of the last remaining colonies of red squirrels. I was fortunate and privileged to have a red squirrel run across my path on two separate occasions at the campsite.
IOW is also known for dinosaurs, we went on an organised fossil hunt on the beach at Shanklin. We found fossilised driftwood and various shellfish and molluscs. We also paid a visit to the dinosaur museum.
We also paid a visit to Carisbrooke castle, home to Charles I when he held prisoner here and lived in until 1930's by Queen Victoria's youngest daughter. We all love a visit to a castle and there is always plenty to explore.
Overall we had a good time despite the miserable weather, we are now looking forward to some time in Cornwall in the summer holidays with my family and hopefully better weather.


  1. Oh for the joyes of good old British weather, hey? Shame your holiday was such a wash out. But, there is always the next one to look forward to.

  2. Goodness - I went to the IOW when I was about 10 years old. It doesn't seem to have changed much. What a lovely place! Jx

  3. Love your new header! Please dyou had a good time in spite of the horrendous weather!

    Hope the move is still going ok.

    Have a lovely week my dear, and take care.xx

  4. We've never been to the IOW, but folks keep telling us we'd like it... We love castles & museums, sounds like a great holiday - despite the weather.

    It's a bit changeable here at the moment, we've had 2 gloriously hot sunny days & then torrential rain in Truro yesterday... Hope it picks up for your holiday with your folks.

    Kay :)

  5. Nice photo's. At least you made to best of it despite the weather. I have only once been to the I O W, and that was in a tanker lorry. I was delivering chemicals to a water treatment plant. I was dead chuffed about going abroad, ha ha, with my truck.

  6. I loved your pictures of the IOW, I went there a few years ago on a cycling weekend, think I mentioned it. Sorry you had bad weather and had to come home early. I am going to York the weekend after next, camping on the racecourse. It's very windy there at the best of times.

  7. A shame about the weather for you. We were in Sandown from Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th and the weather was mostly good, in fact I didn't wear a jacket or need my brolly! Lovely island although very busy, have to say I prefer the quietness of Anglesey.... we visited Osbourne, the Needles where we walked in lovely sunshine from Alum Bay car park up to the new Battery and back, Godshill and Arreton old village. First visit to the island since the kids were little (1994) and hoping it won't be another 18 years until we return!