Monday, 25 June 2012

blankets and bleugh

So, i've had the results of the chest x-ray and its clear. My cough is better, but I dont know if it is just getting better or whether it is due to the inhaler. I'm beginning to think it could be either asthma or hay fever. This episode has made me think about how I look after myself, or rather that neither I or beloved really do. So I have a question for my fellow bloggers - can anyone suggest some herbal supplements, multi-vitamins etc that we could take for all round general health. I would prefer as natural a product as possible, bearing in mind I only really have holland and barrett available to me in the city centre. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I thought I would post a photo of the latest crochet blanket
This is a mixture of blues, purples, greys with a bit of black. Its destined for my sister, she doesnt know it yet, but it will go very nicely in her living room.


  1. Lovely blanket! Hope the cough STAYS away
    blessings x

  2. Your blanket is lovely Becky. I'm glad the cough is improving. K's asthma has returned with a vengeance ( she'd grown out of it), and she's back on a steroid inhaler :(

  3. Please don't bother with synthetic supplements lovely girl. Just eat loads of fresh veg, some sprouted seeds, fruit and whole grains. Cut back on your meat. Try to ditch the processed food, sugary stuff and try not to add salt to anything. Not all of once of course, just introduce these things gradually. I am 54 and since I made these changes I have lost weight and never felt so well.
    Not easy when you are working and have a family, but change a bit at a time and they will soon become your way of life.
    My Dad used to say the most precious thing you have is your health. You can imagine how my brother and I used to roll our eyes at him, but now I am an old fart galloping towards 60, I see he was right.
    Well done for starting to think about this now.
    Loving that blanket by the way!

    1. It's a small world (blogger-wise) isn't it Kath? (Hi! It's Uncle B.)
      I was just doing a 'bloggy google' search on 'Carry on Films', 'Lord of the Rings', 'Most classic' music & 'Most folk' music, and up pops Becky from Milton Keynes. And then up pops Kath from Zummerzet. :D
      And of course - hello Becky. If you turn up at Milton Keynes Museum see -
      you may be the very first to meet old 'Uncle Bernard'. (it's in October).

  4. I completely agree with Kath! Over the years I've also found that staying off processed and sugary foods is the best way of keeping healthy. Having said that - I am taking Vitamin C (to keep the pupil's colds at bay) and Vitamin D at the moment. Hope that you're soon feeling better.
    Love the blanket - its really pretty. Jx

  5. Also agree with Kath! Eat loads of fresh fruits and veg.
    I`ve got asthma and I shall be dependened on the treaded inhalers for life now. There is no way around them. It doesn`t stop me from looking after my health generally. For my beginnings of arthritis I take glucosamine and fish oil tablets. For re-generation of cartilage I also take brewers yeast tablets. Other than that it`s all to do with what you put inside yourself. The more you can avoid processed foods the better. If you should suffer with asthma try to avoid too many dairy products as lactose products can build up flem. I drink red bush tea with honey and avoid the milky teas altogether, now. Take sage steam inhalations for your chesty choughs. Put a teaspoon of wicks vapor rub into a hot bath. The steam will clear your chest and sinus whilst in the bath. You can also place a saucer of water over a small tealight in the bedroom and living room. Put a few drops of eucalyptus or sage oil into the saucer with the water. As the saucer heats up the essential oil will be evaporating into the air. This will make your sleep easier and can stop some of the coughing during the night. If used in the living room it will help your breathing whilst in the room during the day. I drink alot of ginger and lemon tea during the autumn and winter time. It stops me catching nasty colds. And, believe me, a nasty cold can be quite
    debilitating for an astmatic person who generally has a lower lung capacity then normally. If you get diagnosed as being asthmatic insist on being given the yearly dose of a flu and pneumonia jab. Flu could be fatal in heavy asthmatics. It`s a matter of preparing yourself and doing your upmost to look after yourself, as best you can. Exercise gently and go for walks. Breathing fresh air is also important.
    Let your GP test your lung capacity. They should have a machine at the doctor surgery where you can be tested. Here, in Sussex we have them at every surgery. You blow into an elephants trunk (a tube that will be attached to a machine) and it`s measuring your lung capacity. Anything under 60% will give the doctor a good reading and will also suggest that you are asthmatic. Chest x-rays will not be able to establish wether you are asthmatic or not. Get tested properly and get a deffinate diagnosis to be able to treat your symptoms correctly. If your GP has not already suggested this test, insist on it. The sooner you have a correct diagnosis the sooner you can imbark on getting the right treatment that will make you feel better.
    If you can`t breath properly and your body gets starved of vital oxygen this can lead to other health problems in the long run. Do look after yourself. I hope my little tips can help in some ways.

  6. I've got exercise related asthma but only use an inhaler when I'm a bit stressed. I buy my vitamins (Glucosamine & Chondroitin, the latter being quite important) from Zip Vit on line. They are very competitive and have fast delivery. Also a multi vitamin. Look on line and ask them to send you a brochure, it's easier to browse through that than the internet.

    I also buy Manuka honey but buy it at £3.99 from Aldi. The factor is 10 not so high as others but at that price you can be eating it on your bread rather than having one teaspoonful.

    Sarina has pretty well said most of what you need to be looking at, other people may also have tips. Do get some exercise too. Many sports people are asthmatic and learn to cope with it, even runners.

    Oh, love the blanket BTW.

  7. Hi Becky, Kath's, Jan's & Sarina's suggestions are spot on, but vitamins can help short term to get back on top form. Vitamins C & D are excellent immune boosters & I'd recommend Viridian or Biocare, as they are probably the most natural vitamins you can buy. As long as you eat lots of colourful vegetables & fruits every day you should be well covered. Nettle tea is also very good for the immune system.

    My Nan had asthma all her life, at 85 she moved in with us & within a year she didn't need her 3 inhalers anymore... Not sure if it was an improved diet or living on the coast, but it was great.

    Definitely cut out dairy or cut right down, it really will help.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Kay :)

  8. Lovely blanket. I think all the above are spot on. There's nothing like a good diet. However, echinacea can boost the immune system and there is a tonic called Floradix which averted me from having a blood transfusion due to anaemia during pregnancy #4 xx

  9. Think all of the above have given you some great advice!Sending you happy healthy thoughts!
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  10. I;m so glad the results came back clear. I just hope that the persistent cough clears for you though, because that can be SO tiring. I'm afraid I can't really help you about the vitamins, although I have taken vitamin E, evening primrose oil and fish oil capsules for years. Just one of each a day. Like Callies Cottage, I send you lots of healing, positive thoughts for you to keep healthy!

  11. Love your header photo by the way! And the blanket is very pretty.

  12. Just catching up with you - the changes to Blogger meant I lost a few people for a while! Sorry to find you not well, and I agree with every one on here - Supplements are expensive and unneccesary - Fruit and veg, exercise and a big dose of the outdoors is the way to go. Make looking after yourself a mini project. xxxxx