Monday, 25 June 2012

blankets and bleugh

So, i've had the results of the chest x-ray and its clear. My cough is better, but I dont know if it is just getting better or whether it is due to the inhaler. I'm beginning to think it could be either asthma or hay fever. This episode has made me think about how I look after myself, or rather that neither I or beloved really do. So I have a question for my fellow bloggers - can anyone suggest some herbal supplements, multi-vitamins etc that we could take for all round general health. I would prefer as natural a product as possible, bearing in mind I only really have holland and barrett available to me in the city centre. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I thought I would post a photo of the latest crochet blanket
This is a mixture of blues, purples, greys with a bit of black. Its destined for my sister, she doesnt know it yet, but it will go very nicely in her living room.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

catching my breath

Catching my breath in the literal sense and feeling very wheezy and breathless at times. I've not been myself lately, for more than 4 weeks, I've had a persistant cough which has got progressively worse. It has culminated in my attendance at the local hospital today for a chest x ray. The GP told me yesterday that I dont have a chest infection, it could be asthma or could be something else. Yes, I've seen the tv ad about lung cancer. I've been given a ventolin inhaler as a cough suppressant, my coughing has been particularly bad at night and kept both me and beloved awake. Oh and to add to it all, experiencing heart palpitations at times as well, although this could be stress.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the solstice and really want to wake up in time to see and experience the sun rise. Blessings to all those who will also be celebrating the summer solstice.

Monday, 11 June 2012

IOW in the rain

To start, my favourite quote of the day -
" I aint got time to bleed" - Beloved is currently watching Predator on Film 4, a classic!

For that last week we have been on holiday camping on the isle of wight. It was ok, a shame about the weather, which resulted in us coming home a day early and nearly losing the tent several times due to the gales. 82mph was recorded at the needles whilst we were there. We were throughly soaked and struggled to get things dry throughout the week. Having said all that, we did have a good time, didnt make it to the beach, but did have some good adventures.
To start, this is a photo taken at Shanklin chine, it is beautiful here and peaceful.
The IOW has one of the last remaining colonies of red squirrels. I was fortunate and privileged to have a red squirrel run across my path on two separate occasions at the campsite.
IOW is also known for dinosaurs, we went on an organised fossil hunt on the beach at Shanklin. We found fossilised driftwood and various shellfish and molluscs. We also paid a visit to the dinosaur museum.
We also paid a visit to Carisbrooke castle, home to Charles I when he held prisoner here and lived in until 1930's by Queen Victoria's youngest daughter. We all love a visit to a castle and there is always plenty to explore.
Overall we had a good time despite the miserable weather, we are now looking forward to some time in Cornwall in the summer holidays with my family and hopefully better weather.