Monday, 28 May 2012

On the move

The blanket has been on the move, on its way to Campfire, I hope it gives Campfire as much warmth as it gave me pleasure to crochet it. I have several more on the go and anticipate that this will always be the case. I am hoping to be able to donate a blanket to T's school summer fete this year. It's nice to be able to do so. We have had an offer on the house which we have accepted. Its nerve-wracking as well as exciting. We have two houses that we like and have looked at and want to go back for a second look, it could well be that we make an offer on one of these houses. So, its all happening!!

In other news, we are off next week as its half term, cant wait for a week off work! We are going camping to the isle of wight, really looking forward to it. Aside from Cornwall, iow is my next favourite place to be. We are hoping for some beach time and some fossil hunting as well.


  1. I hope the weather stays nice for you. Ive never been to the Isle Of.Weight but ive heard it lovely.
    Congrats on selling your home.

  2. That's fab new about the house Becky. Hope you have a lovely holiday.x

  3. Hello my lovely,
    Things have moved on quickly haven't they! I'm so pleased for you though, and wish you tons of luck that it all goes smoothly :o)

    Love your blanket giveaway. Well done Campfire :o)

    I hope your Isle of Wight holiday is fabulous my dear! It's not far from us, and I love going there!
    Don't forget to look for the red squirrels, they always make me smile!

    Happy Holidays Becky,
    Take care my dear.

    Love n hugs,
    Donna x

  4. Great news on the house - I hope it all falls in to place now xx

  5. Have a good holiday & hope everything goes well with your house sale - all sounds very exciting!

    Kay :)

  6. IT HAS ARRIVED! Thank you so much Becky, the blanket is beautiful, the colours go so well together. I've taken a photo of it spread over my brown blanket as it shows it up beautifully and will put it on my blog.

    It is so lovely to receive something that somebody has made. I can't want to show my husband. Am not sure where it is going to be yet but it will be very much treasured.

    How fast you have had an offer on your house? I remember our last one took ages to sell, and I dread to think of having to do it again. Good luck with finding the right house for you.

    The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place, still quaint. I went on a cycling weekend about 15 years ago and now sadly there seem to be so few of these events to go to. Enjoy the camping and the lovely island.

    Thank you again. (I'll be dropping you a line, but have to go out now). xx

  7. I'm so pleased to read that you've been able to accept an offer on your house. All the best with the next stage of the moving process! Jx

  8. Good news about the house - it didn't take all that long did it ? well done.