Monday, 14 May 2012

House update and a giveaway

Firstly a house update - we have had 3 people round to view the house, all 3 have feedback that they like the house, but its too small! Its a 2 bed terrace, not a 4 bed detached, I dont know just how big people think a 2 bed terrace is, anyway we will keep plodding on. Problem is we have found a house that we like and so we are keen to get things moving. We need to be patient, it will happen in its own good time.

So, the 'shore' blanket, well I think its time to do a giveaway and the blanket needs to find a new home. I will put the measurements up shortly, but it is predominantly a mix of browns, oranges, red, corals with a bit of purple thrown in. Its not perfect, but it will keep you warm. To enter the giveaway, you have to leave a comment on this post. To keep it interesting as well, you need to leave the answer to the following question in your comment - this is just for a bit of fun.
Bletchley is known as: ' Home of the...............................'
I will drawn a name of the hat for the winner next Monday.

I hope people will enter, it is a lovely blanket and would make a great gift.

edit - in case the question is too easy, here's a second question for you all
There is a national museum in MK, but what is the museum about?


  1. Bletchley is known as the Home of the Codebreakers! I have always been interested in Station X and seen the documentaries and the film Enigma. Fascinating stuff. Just think how exciting it was working in such a place.

    What a lovely blanket for someone to win. I would give it to my Mum if I won it. She's 92 on Saturday, very active, does everything herself but does feel the cold as there's not much weight on her.

    I would have the same problem as you with the house if I sold. My upstairs is smaller than downstairs, due to the construction and believe me, the upstairs is TINY! However, somewhere, someone is there for your house. Good luck with it.

  2. National Museum of Computing.

  3. I do wonder if people actually read the details about a house before they go to view! It is frustrating, but I really believe that the right house is waiting for you. We missed out on several before we found Beyond the Nook - houses that had languished on the market for almost a year were snapped up as soon as we showed an interest in them.Bletchley - home of the codebreakers and Milton Keynes home to the national museum of computing and the national badminton museum. I hope you find your new home too. x

  4. Why does it say Reply Delete on my replies I wonder?

  5. Bletchley is the home of "Threads and Patches" the second best quilting supplies shop in the country (in my humble opinion LOL).

    Oh house moving, what a frustrating time. I know what you mean about peoples unrealistic expectations. Years ago we were selling an old cottage with a downstairs bathroom. People said it was a lovely place with great views but it had a downstairs bathroom!
    Don't they read the particulars?

  6. Oh how very frustrating for you and as a previous commenter said, do people read the details first? I hope things get moving soon. Bletchley is of course home to the great WW2 code breaking machine, Enigma and to Bletchley Park where it is housed. Does Ikea count as a museum? (lol)I can't believe you are giving away your lovely blanket. xx

  7. There are several that I can think of, a badminton museum, a computer museum and telephone museum, but my favourite (I went their several times, including when I was courting!) was the canal museum at Stoke Bruerne.