Monday, 21 May 2012

Giveaway winner

The winner of the 'shore' blanket is Campfire. Well done and please get in contact and I can get the blanket off to you. The answers to the questions, well this was just for fun
Bletchley is the home of the.............codebreakers! This is with reference to Bletchley Park , a place I love to visit.
The national museum is reference to the national museum of computing which is at Bletchley Park.There you can see the re-built Colussus computer.
Scarlet also commented that there is a museum of badminton here in MK - I didnt know that so thanks for that Scarlet.
If you ever find yourself in MK, dont bother with the city centre shopping, instead get over to Bletchley Park.


  1. BP is a fabulous place to visit. My Mum worked there during the war and I am so proud of her.

    Thanks for the post. Your blankets are fab

    blessings x

  2. I've just looked on here, falling asleep, just before thinking can I go to bed yet and seen I have won your lovely blanket. Woo hoo, I'm so delighted. I'll send you my details via email, shall I?

    You're right. The first thing I would make for is Bletchley Park. Angela, I'm so impressed that your mum worked at BP. What part did she play? Mine worked at the Royal Ordance Factory, Risley, driving lorries with shells on. We should all be proud of our wartime parents, all of them deserve medals. My Dad was a navigator in Lancasters.

    I'm so chuffed! Thank you Beckyxx

  3. Congratulations to Campfire!

  4. A badminton museum? Is there enough Badminton history to fill a museum? what do I know? :-D