Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This is an old photo but represents one thing I did today - making some homemade soup - potato and onion, not a very exciting combination, but all I had on a day when all I wanted was soup. Yes, I do like a lot of pepper! I have been at home today with T, he has been off school poorly, but will hopefully be better to go back to school tomorrow. There has been much discussion here at dub towers at the moment, we have been mulling over our future here in our little house. We really would like an extra bedroom and a garage, we outgrew this house several years ago. Out of curiosity, we recently had the house valued, the value has increased a little which is good, we then have been talking about the future. One thing is for sure that it is very unlikely that we are going to be able to move to Cornwall any time now. Having done some research, we can not afford anything in the areas we would be interested in and in checking out jobs, we would be looking at anything up to a £10,000 pay cut - with the debt repayments as well, we could not take such a drop, even if there were the jobs, which there does not appear to be.

I'm still getting my head around this and accepting that this can not happen for the foreseeable future, I still live in hope that we can move to Cornwall in the future, probably closer to our retirement, if we ever reach it. For now we are considering, debating and talking about whether we think about moving to a slightly larger property within MK, or stay put. Not probably then best idea with the debt we have, but we think we are reaching the point that we need to move. A big decision for us and not one to be taken lightly. Further discussion needed I think.

I've stopped working on the shore/sea blankets as I need some more orange/coral/blue wool, which I'm keeping a look out for. I'm now working on a blanket for my sister - mainly blues, greys with a little bit of black thrown in. This will tie in well with the colours in my sister's lounge. I've always got something on the go and now I need to also spend some time finishing my cross stitch as well.


  1. Sounds disappointing for you about Cornwall - hope there is something wonderful around the corner xx

  2. I've emailed you. I have something that I won't use but you could make use of.x

  3. After years in local government jobs - we could never imagine doing anything else, so both ended up in similar jobs down here in Cornwall, which we did for a few years.

    Now we earn less & live in a large(admittedly old & rather tired)rented house next to a beautiful beach... Being self employed is wonderful & we are happier than ever. For years we had a mortgage, worked opposite each other so one of us could always be at home with the kidlets & saw each other sometimes for just a few minutes handover, so life is far better for us here & we somehow feel that our money goes further!

    Selling our house in Cheshire paid off all our debts & we rented our first house here very cheaply. We were very happy to change our lives for the better & have an adventure - which still continues today, 10 years on...

    If you really want something - you've got to just go for it!

    Your soup looks lovely by the way!

    Kay :)

  4. The soup looks delicious, and I love lots of black pepper too! It's a shame that you can't get to move to Cornwall, where you really want to be. As you know, I'm in Devon, but the house prices in both Counties are very expensive. Not helped by all the second home owners in the area. They force the prices up for everyone. I hope that something good will work out for you as you weigh everything up.

  5. We all dream of that perfect life away from cities and stress. Unfortunately sometimes it just has to stay a dream. I dream of a little farm house where I could have chickens and a few goats. But, I know deep down that I could never achieve it. Still like to dream about it though.
    Hope something will crop up for you that can change current situations. All the Best!

  6. I dream I'd like to live in the country again (I used to live in the Peak District), or the seaside, in Scottish Islands and so on, somewhere with community etc. However, at my age I am not sure that living in a remote area is the thing to do, when I think of husband's past health problems. I am a dreamer though and I think will just have to see what happens in the future.

    I stayed in a smaller house that I could easily afford when I had a well paid job, as I didn't want to over-stretch myself. When I was made redundant in 2000 it wasn't so traumatic apart from losing the job which I loved, but at least I could manage to live without worrying about mortgage. I hope you manage to make the decision about moving, as only you know how much room you have and how much you need.

    My house is too small. I'm not moving until I can make the decision I've just mentioned. However, I hate it when people (usually those in larger houses) say "you always fill the space you have" What they don't realise is, that when you live in a TINY house as I do, there's NOT ENOUGH space to store the things you need, if you have any sort of a life and like reading and doing hobbies.

    Soup, hmmmmm lovely.

  7. Agree with Campfire - I desperately want to get back to the country but I know it's not going to happen yet. I'll never give up though and I'm working towards it day by day, baby steps.
    I think the time is not right for you to cnside moving yet, you are doing so well with repayment of your debts and a housemove is a 'very' expensive thing to consider.
    Living in a small house isn't easy, but it's a lot cheaper to run than a larger one, hang on in there, repay some more debt off and then have a rethink.
    All the best

  8. Good luck with your plans.. it's important to keep dreaming. I'm sure the right house will come up in the right place for you! All the best, Jx

  9. I too would love to move again, my roots arent here, but i cannot move yet either. But I keep the dream alive with the comforting thoughts of 'when the time is right'
    dont give up ther dream.

    Leanne x

  10. Interesting times...property in Cornwall has come down in price in some areas..it just depends where you want to be.Don't give up on your dream and as it is one we share I am sure it WILL happen..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  11. Funny about the soup, I've just made soup with my brand new pressure cooker recently. Pea soup, mine was. But it looks a lot like your potato-onion - probably because mine also has potato and onion in it, along with carrot and split peas. Am loving the pressure cooker.

    Our favourite place on earth is North Yorkshire, and we would dearly love to move there some day, but realistically, since we are stuck on t'other side of the Pond, and not rich, it doesn't look likely. Darn. But Cornwall is a good goal...keep it alive and work on it. Something will present itself, you just wait and see!

  12. i love homemade soup :) speaking from experience lol living in Cornwall is wonderful but a complete life changer. Keep following your dreams it will happen when the time is right :)

  13. Sorry to hear of your doubly sad news. Blessings.

    I so want to move to the South West too but, have debt, no job and poor mobility/health at the moment, not a good idea to move!
    But don't let your dream die, I'm trying not to!

    Have a lovely family bonding weekend and a great week coming up.

    Bright Blessings.

    Sandie xx