Tuesday, 17 April 2012

seaside blankets

These are the two blankets that I am currently crocheting. Both are inspired by the shore/sea. The top blanket is the shore/beach theme, with creams, browns, oranges, peaches with a bit of green and purple thrown in. The second is probably my favourite thus far, as it has my favourite colours, a blanket of blues, purples, greens, greys and pinks all inspired by the colours of the sea. I will be keeping this one, but the shore blanket may end up as a gift for someone. I am also going to be making a blanket for my sister as a gift.


  1. Purples are my favourite colour. one of your blankets would be a lovely gift to receive x

  2. There are so many colours on the shore aren't there? Your blankets look perfect xx

  3. Oh they are lovely - I adore the colours xx

  4. lovely work, just beautiful.

  5. Very pretty blankets, love the purple, as those tones are my favourite.

  6. They look great!

    I received lots of wool for my birthday & one day soon, I aim to make the blanket I've been promising to make - I used to love crocheting in my teens, then started up again last year - well I made 2 squares...

    Kay :)

  7. I love your blanket! They look so soft and snuggly :o)

    And your bag from your previous post is such a lovely gift for you too!

    Hope all is well there my dear. You take care now and have a good weekend.
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  8. Isn't it funny how we all like different colours, I wonder if its to do with the time of year we are born.
    My preference is reds, yellows and bright, bright colours but not greens and browns. My husband likes the greens and browns though like you.
    I made my blanket with pure wool and had it on the back of the sofa for a while and I can't believe that the cats have now got it, am I mad...all that work and they're sleeping on it. ' For the love of the cat's she gave everything', that's what will have to go on my stone. lol
    Keep happy

  9. i love the seashore theme~just perfect :)

    i am doing a granny stripe blanket for Pretty Pagan using cerise, oatmeal, blue and chocolate-sounds awful but it looks great (must post a picture soon :) )

  10. Now that I've retired, I've wanted to start knitting or crocheting but haven't actually got going on it yet. Need to find some good patterns and yarn. Do you know of a good yard supplier online?