Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This is an old photo but represents one thing I did today - making some homemade soup - potato and onion, not a very exciting combination, but all I had on a day when all I wanted was soup. Yes, I do like a lot of pepper! I have been at home today with T, he has been off school poorly, but will hopefully be better to go back to school tomorrow. There has been much discussion here at dub towers at the moment, we have been mulling over our future here in our little house. We really would like an extra bedroom and a garage, we outgrew this house several years ago. Out of curiosity, we recently had the house valued, the value has increased a little which is good, we then have been talking about the future. One thing is for sure that it is very unlikely that we are going to be able to move to Cornwall any time now. Having done some research, we can not afford anything in the areas we would be interested in and in checking out jobs, we would be looking at anything up to a £10,000 pay cut - with the debt repayments as well, we could not take such a drop, even if there were the jobs, which there does not appear to be.

I'm still getting my head around this and accepting that this can not happen for the foreseeable future, I still live in hope that we can move to Cornwall in the future, probably closer to our retirement, if we ever reach it. For now we are considering, debating and talking about whether we think about moving to a slightly larger property within MK, or stay put. Not probably then best idea with the debt we have, but we think we are reaching the point that we need to move. A big decision for us and not one to be taken lightly. Further discussion needed I think.

I've stopped working on the shore/sea blankets as I need some more orange/coral/blue wool, which I'm keeping a look out for. I'm now working on a blanket for my sister - mainly blues, greys with a little bit of black thrown in. This will tie in well with the colours in my sister's lounge. I've always got something on the go and now I need to also spend some time finishing my cross stitch as well.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

seaside blankets

These are the two blankets that I am currently crocheting. Both are inspired by the shore/sea. The top blanket is the shore/beach theme, with creams, browns, oranges, peaches with a bit of green and purple thrown in. The second is probably my favourite thus far, as it has my favourite colours, a blanket of blues, purples, greens, greys and pinks all inspired by the colours of the sea. I will be keeping this one, but the shore blanket may end up as a gift for someone. I am also going to be making a blanket for my sister as a gift.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A freebie and life's little luxuries

I was off work last week with T and my parents visited from Cornwall, it was fantastic to see them, I really miss them and only see them several times a year. Regular readers will know that I would love to move to Cornwall to be closer to my family, maybe one day. My mum bought us a number of goodies, including this bag which came from my Aunt. She didnt want it anymore and has enough bags to open a bag shop. Its probably been used maybe once, twice at the most and is virtually new. It is a lovely russet red, not sure if that is clear from the photo and is from Mango, I've never set foot in this shop, but I am assuming that the bag would not have been cheap. I'm using the bag, holds everything I need for work. So onto life's little luxuries, whilst I was off, I enjoyed plenty of what I call 'real' coffee -

To me this is a real treat and you can buy reasonably priced coffee for a cafetiere now. I dont smoke or drink and I can manage a packet of this coffee from time to time. Another little luxury is this -
At the beginning of the year, I made a pledge to only eat fairtrade/ethical chocolate and I have been sticking to it. Each week I buy a bar of green and black and really look forward to snuggling on the sofa scoffing it. As a result, I have been eating a lot less chocolate and this has contributed to my weight loss. In the past 11 weeks I have lost over a stone in weigh - woo hoo really pleased about this, just a couple more stone to go!! For those who asked, I will post photos of the two sea/shore inspired blankets shortly, still working on them, for now take care x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A well earned break.

I'm at home at the moment, having a well earned break from work and spending time with T. At the beginning of the week, I spent time at the start of the week doing plenty of housework and that has freed me up for more exciting and fun things now. Plenty of relaxing, laughing and hobbies now. I currently have several blankets on the go and will post the photos shortly. Blankets inspired by the colours of the sea and the shore
Happy Easter to those who will be celebrating