Tuesday, 20 March 2012

springtime, a giveaway prize and mothers day

Hi all, lets start with some spring time cheerfulness.
Some half dead daffs that I revived at home and they have gone on to bloom perfectly.

Several weekends ago, we went to the local carboot at the MK bowl, this is large concert venue for those who dont know and every Sunday there is a carboot with a number of market stalls as well. It is supposedly one of the biggest in Europe. This little owl came home with me.
as did this little wooden carved barn owl.
as well as this little fellow. The painted stone I picked up at a craft stall some time ago, I imagine that it is me sitting on the rock looking out to sea!
I also very recently won the giveaway at that Shirl had at her blog ' The white house'. I won this book
A book on the ancient sites in Essex, particularly pertinent for me as I am from Essex - yes an 'Essex' girl! Shirl very kindly also included some wool, a bookmark, a pack of seeds and a postcard. Thank you very much Shirl, very kind and generous. I dont have a photo of my mothers day present - I wasnt expecting anything, but beloved and T had bought me a lovely wicker basket for my bike, I've used it already and I had wanted one for ages.
Till next time
Blessed be x


  1. fab little treasures from the car boot sale!

    I love those wicker bike baskets, we found one here when we moved in which I use for kindling. I hope you have an old fashioned bell too :-)

  2. Your owls are really cute! I wish I had the patience to work my way through car boot sales. I think you have to have a really 'good eye' and be able to spot the treasures that will be right in your home. You clearly have the knack. Jx

  3. Yes, I love car boots and am getting excited because the large one's in the country fields start soon. You never quite know what you will find and I have to have my fix each week. lol

  4. Blessed spring sweetheart i adore your
    owls and yes thats you there on the rock looking out to see in dear old Cornwall :) keep following your dreams x and congrats on the beautiful book how wonderful .............and best of all a basket for your bike so cute.......is it pink? ...imagine it full of flowers oh heavenly x x x xx

  5. I love what you have brought from the car boot sale. I especially love the painted pebble, that could be me as well.

  6. Love the owls and the painted pebble.