Wednesday, 8 February 2012


This was the scene on Sunday, around 4 -5 inches of snow believe it or not and there is more forecast. It has pretty much gone now and thankfully didnt cause any real problems and the schools stayed open. Many thanks for the kind comments on the crochet, I have been looking in the charity shops but no luck so far. There is one charity shop that is close by, but no wool. One of the things about MK is that unless you go to either Bletchley, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell or Stony Stratford, there are no high streets as such, which I do miss. All the aforementioned places require a journey by car, out of my way really, so I dont get to the charity shops that are there. It would be an otherwise unecessary journey.

The scrap blanket is now called the lap blanket and I have started on my second one - the supersize blanket - making it big enough to cover a double bed. I have found wool on the market - £1.30 per 100g DK ball - I understand that this is good price. My abscess is gone, but I'm now having to pay out for dental treatment, which will be ongoing for a while. Has anyone been with Denplan, my dentist recommended it given the amount of treatment I need. I would be interested in people's thoughts on this. I have managed to register with a NHS dentist which will obviously cost less. I think it may be worth it.


  1. Goodness, look at all that snow. We had a swirly snow storm on Saturday but it melted during the night. My dogs would love it!

  2. We didn't get any snow at all. I'm currently having dental treatment after breaking 2 teeth in 2 days. For an exam, a clean, a filling and a crown it is costing £204. If I'd elected not to have the crown but to have the tooth extracted the total cost would have been £47. The NHS costings have 3 tiers- I think the first one is £17, then £47 , then £204. I found all the details about what's included online. The £47 bracket includes extractions and fillings - 1 filling or 10 - the price is still £47. It may be worth checking out the NHS costings before committing to the Denplan scheme.

  3. You have been tagged. Please check out my post for Friday 10th. I hope you don't mind.
    Love from Mum