Tuesday, 28 February 2012

running on empty

Beloved has been paid today and I will be paid tomorrow. All our money is already divided up and organised, ready to pay the mortgage and bills, as well as putting money aside for food and petrol and a few other things we need to pay for this month. Once this is all done, there really wont be much left, but thats ok, at least everything will be paid for. I'm gearing up to do my annual review of the debt management plan and I need to look at my budget and find ways to increase my payment.

I have read a lot of blogs that talk about stockpiling, I think this is a great idea, but how to do so when you are very limited on space.
This photo is of a shelf in a kitchen cupboard, this is the only kitchen space I have for tinned/ non perishable food, the kind you might want to stockpile. As you can see, there is not much in there! I have thought about storing food elsewhere, but there is no room in the wardrobe or under the bed - I have considered it. How do you stockpile when there is no space, perhaps you dont!


  1. I completely agree. Modern kitchens don't lend themselves to stockpiling. I remember my Gran's council house had a proper larder next to the back door. It was cool and dark and perfect for storing food. Modern housebuilders should have a rethink! Jx

  2. Do you only have one bedroom ? if you have a spare could you use that ?
    I have a similar problem, tiny modern house,great if all you want to do is get up, go to work, come home and go to bed ! forget any hobbies/interests, just nowhere to put/keep stuff !
    I do however, have a dry shed in the garden and keep tinned goods in there, dry goods I put into jars on the worktop, any room under your stairs ?

  3. I am lucky that I have enough space. When I refurbished my kitchen I went through the whole of the contents and chucked out a lot of crockery, drinking glasses, gadgets you buy on a whim but never get round to using, such as a waffle maker and a coffee percolator. I keep my utensils, pots and pans, down to a minimum now, just the basics.

    I was going to suggest shed also. Or any kind of waterproof store you can have just outside the back door. Tins will be fine in there, just make sure there is no condensation or the labels will fall off and the tins will go rusty.

    You could get more in the cupboard you have shown, by stacking like they do in the supermarket, in straight rows. Bottles can go in the fridge.

  4. You can get those metal shelves that enable you to start another layer on top, or improvise with something you have got. I have them in all my cupboards as my kitchen and indeed house, is small with very limited storage. I don't even have an airing cupboard so that deprives you of storing other stuff, with bedding taking up lots of space.

    I always have tins and stuff in a tiny cupboard in the kitchen, just a filler of space I think, which won't fit much else in but I can't go and get a months groceries, or even two weeks, as my fridge is too small.

    Do you walk or cycle when you can, rather than using the car? Maybe time doesn't allow that, I know you can't always. When I worked locally I used to cycle but my last job involved me working nights, so not a good idea to be in an undesirable part of town at 4am on a bike, so I couldn't.

  5. Do you have any garden space - if so how about one of those chest type things to put non perishables in. Maybe not all that great during the summer months but should be fine during the winter?

  6. I use the space behind the plinth under my kitchen cupboards. Remove plinth, put magnetic catch each end and put a handle or drill a fingerhole for removal. Mine hides tins and jars of jam, anything that can be wiped off if dusty.

  7. I used to store my stockpile items in a corner of the living room, all packed in small square boxes until I gave my kitchen a re-furb the other day. Now I have 3 long shelves where everything has its place and I can easily see what needs to be replaced, if I used it. I have a space problem too. My little council house never has enough storage anywhere. I was glad I could improve my kitchen space with my re-vamp.

  8. Bedroom closets and under the beds if necessary. Watch out for coffee tables that open up. There is always space that you dont use. I keep groceries in the hall cupboard.

  9. what about those hanging shelf units that clip on to the back of a door ? could be useful for small tins, spices etc.,
    I have a dishwasher here that I never use, and even that's been brought into use for storage !
    Following on from Sarinas idea of stockpiling in a corner of the room, how about 'making' a coffee table of boxes of tinned goods ? cover with a pretty cloth or throw and hey presto ! instant coffee table - just don't forget to rotate the contents of your coffee table regularly.

  10. oh its hard when in a tiny space, i have about as much cupboard space as you so not easy eh... i like the idea of the coffee table made of tins :)