Tuesday, 21 February 2012

crocheting and calculating

Firstly, I thought we would have some crochet blanket lovin - click on the pics for a better look!
This is the scrap blanket, the first blanket that I have crocheted and thought that I had finished at the beginning in January. This week, I have started extending further, a ring of orange and then more purple. It now cover almost 2/3 of the bed, I will be making it big enough to cover the entire bed. Now for my second blanket -
This is the blighty blanket - red, white and blue. I started it a couple of weeks ago and have now run out of white wool and need to get some more. The market is selling 100g balls of DK wool for £1.30. I've been told that this is good price. This blanket is made up of mostly thrifted or free wool.

Next finances, never far from my mind. We recently recieved our gas and electric bills - we are in credit by £90 on the electric and by £69 on the gas. We pay a fixed monthly amount, I find this the easiest way to budget for the utilities and we will be leaving this credit on the accounts as buffers which will ease the next bills in 6 months time. In recent weeks, when we have had temperatures here reaching -15c to -18c in the night at times, we have had the heating on a bit more than usual and so the gas bill will be bigger. I will shortly be booking my review of the debt management plan with CCCS and I am still very much determined to get the term below 10 years. This will mean increasing our repayment by approximately £70-£100 per month, but I've done the maths and we can do it. We must do it, I am fed up of being a slave to the debt!


  1. Good for you for tackling your debt. If having that credit on your utilities works for you, that's fine, but I would be asking for it back if it was mine.

  2. Go girl ! you 'can' do it !
    Hang on in there.

  3. I'm also well in credit with my gas, but not with my electric.Good luck with your review.

  4. Good for you with the utilities.
    I am loving your blankets very much. Such cheerful summery colours xx

  5. Well done, you will get there in the end. Nice blankets!

  6. love the blankets...i have been sitting here after visiting a crochet blog thinking i really, really need to go out and buy more yarn for more projects!
    wonder if i can get swampy to take me out to get some!

  7. What is it about crochet that makes it so addictive? I only learnt how to do it 9 days ago and I've even taken it to work today..! I have become your latest follower. All the best, Jan