Tuesday, 28 February 2012

running on empty

Beloved has been paid today and I will be paid tomorrow. All our money is already divided up and organised, ready to pay the mortgage and bills, as well as putting money aside for food and petrol and a few other things we need to pay for this month. Once this is all done, there really wont be much left, but thats ok, at least everything will be paid for. I'm gearing up to do my annual review of the debt management plan and I need to look at my budget and find ways to increase my payment.

I have read a lot of blogs that talk about stockpiling, I think this is a great idea, but how to do so when you are very limited on space.
This photo is of a shelf in a kitchen cupboard, this is the only kitchen space I have for tinned/ non perishable food, the kind you might want to stockpile. As you can see, there is not much in there! I have thought about storing food elsewhere, but there is no room in the wardrobe or under the bed - I have considered it. How do you stockpile when there is no space, perhaps you dont!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

crocheting and calculating

Firstly, I thought we would have some crochet blanket lovin - click on the pics for a better look!
This is the scrap blanket, the first blanket that I have crocheted and thought that I had finished at the beginning in January. This week, I have started extending further, a ring of orange and then more purple. It now cover almost 2/3 of the bed, I will be making it big enough to cover the entire bed. Now for my second blanket -
This is the blighty blanket - red, white and blue. I started it a couple of weeks ago and have now run out of white wool and need to get some more. The market is selling 100g balls of DK wool for £1.30. I've been told that this is good price. This blanket is made up of mostly thrifted or free wool.

Next finances, never far from my mind. We recently recieved our gas and electric bills - we are in credit by £90 on the electric and by £69 on the gas. We pay a fixed monthly amount, I find this the easiest way to budget for the utilities and we will be leaving this credit on the accounts as buffers which will ease the next bills in 6 months time. In recent weeks, when we have had temperatures here reaching -15c to -18c in the night at times, we have had the heating on a bit more than usual and so the gas bill will be bigger. I will shortly be booking my review of the debt management plan with CCCS and I am still very much determined to get the term below 10 years. This will mean increasing our repayment by approximately £70-£100 per month, but I've done the maths and we can do it. We must do it, I am fed up of being a slave to the debt!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quiet time

It is quiet here at dub towers at the moment, T has been staying at his nan's for a few days this half term week. As much as I miss him, I cant deny that I have enjoyed the last couple of afternoons and the peace and quiet. Life has just been plodding on at the moment with little in the way of news or excitement. I'm sorry it sounds so boring! I did check out how much I would be paying towards a pension and then facted this into our incomings and outgoings. All this has done has made me realise that at the moment we cant afford to pay into a pension. Beloved would be paying about the same each month as me and with losing that much each month, it would hammer us in terms of how much we are repaying towards the debt. I am due to do my yearly review with CCCS for the debt management plan and I was hoping to increase my payments and reduce the time to below 10 years.

If I do that then perhaps after the debt is repaid, we can then start thinking about a pension. We wont have much when we retire, but this is the consequence of the years of spending and wasting money and getting into debt. I have accepted this and we have to deal with it. We have to make tough decisions at time, but I after the review, I think I might be seeing a chink of light at the end of the debt tunnel.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


This was the scene on Sunday, around 4 -5 inches of snow believe it or not and there is more forecast. It has pretty much gone now and thankfully didnt cause any real problems and the schools stayed open. Many thanks for the kind comments on the crochet, I have been looking in the charity shops but no luck so far. There is one charity shop that is close by, but no wool. One of the things about MK is that unless you go to either Bletchley, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell or Stony Stratford, there are no high streets as such, which I do miss. All the aforementioned places require a journey by car, out of my way really, so I dont get to the charity shops that are there. It would be an otherwise unecessary journey.

The scrap blanket is now called the lap blanket and I have started on my second one - the supersize blanket - making it big enough to cover a double bed. I have found wool on the market - £1.30 per 100g DK ball - I understand that this is good price. My abscess is gone, but I'm now having to pay out for dental treatment, which will be ongoing for a while. Has anyone been with Denplan, my dentist recommended it given the amount of treatment I need. I would be interested in people's thoughts on this. I have managed to register with a NHS dentist which will obviously cost less. I think it may be worth it.