Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Year, a new start

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We spent Christmas with my family in Cornwall and then returned home to spend New Year with Beloved's family. I saw the new year in with Big Ben, fireworks and several glasses of Baileys! Well Father Christmas spoilt me, I received the following:
a beautiful pair of DMs - they are a very shimmery shade of blue.
Some yummy L'Occitane smellies. This included eau de toilette - Bergamot and several lovely shower gels, the orange blossom is really lovely smell. I've been very fortunate as have beloved and T. Whilst we only buy for the kids in the family, beloved and I do give gifts to each other. So a new year, what will it bring. Whilst I am not one usually for making resolutions as I dont keep to the them, I have made a couple of decisions.

1 - I'm going to only eat chocolate that is fair trade/ethical. I am a big chocolate eater and this is detrimental to my health. To eat only fairtrade means that I will eat a lot less as well as being mindful and it is a lot harder for me to get fairtrade, compared to just trotting off the local shop and buying a bar of galaxy.

2 - Being me - for a long time now I have spent too much time trying to fit into certain 'scenes', follow certain paths, think certain things and now I realise that I must stop this. What I like, think or do is for me and stopping worrying about others. So for starters, I like classical and folk music, when I have told others this before I've been laughed at and made to feel that I'm odd, but now I will no longer care, thats their problem.
So here's to being the authentic me! x


  1. Loving the docs!
    Happy New Year sweetie x

  2. How lucky, i love L'Occitane. I love your new years resolutions-esp the second one. How rude of some people.

  3. Love the boots and that second descision sounds perfect!

  4. Good for you, be yourself, you can never please everybody anyway, so you might as well be yourself, trying to be anything else is simply too wearing.

  5. Happy New Year to the real and authentic you! Good for you. I love those DM's!! I am really going to try to be more laid back this year, and not worry about everything, especially the small things!

  6. I love folk music! folk is cool.

  7. Yes, be truthful to yourself. My workmates always used to say I was eccentric - and I suppose I am. I never conform to the 'norm'.

    Your L'Occitane looks lovely. I bought some for my son's former girlfriend once but I managed to get it at a very good price as we have a local QVC outlet.

    Your boots look delicious. Boots are my weakness and have now to make some decisions about which to put on Ebay as I have too many.

    A very happy, healthy and successful New Year to you and your family.

    My musical taste is varied from Pink Floyd to classical to folk, and I am relearning the piano.

  8. Love your DM's! I used to wear DM's all the time, they are so comfy! Yours look like they have a beautiful ice pattern on them :o)

    Pleased you had a great Christmas. Your New Year decisions sound really good to me. The first one as you say is brilliant for your health, but so is the second one my lovely. You'll feel 10 times better being you.
    I too love folk and clasical music, and got laughed at when I 'came out'. But it made me a happier person listening to it, and that's only a good thing :o)
    And for what it's worth, we read your blog, and like you my lovely :o)
    Have a great happy week my dear, and take care.

  9. Another vote for the boots here. I used to scoff loads of chocolate but then it started upsetting my stomach, gurgling and feeling sick, so now I limit myself to the tiniest bit. It's hard to resist at first, but then I don't want belly ache.