Monday, 9 January 2012

My new obsession

Yes, I have become hooked on crochet. I love it, how have missed out for so long. At Christmas, I asked Mum to show me as well as a couple of youtube tutorials and I was away. I only know chain, slip and double crochet stitches, but it is enough to do a granny square blanket. I know that colours dont really match, but it is made thus far with entirely spare/scrap bits of wool, which my Mum tells me is how such blankets started. I find it really relaxing and love seeing the blanket grow before my eyes. Its not finished yet, but I'm already thinking of my next project!


  1. What a lovely new obsession to have. Your little blanket looks lovely, and I'm sure you will spend many happy hours at your new hobby this year.

  2. Watch it, as it`s addictive, lol. Can`t think of a better past time activity, though.

  3. Lovely! what a great start. Don't owrry for one moment that the colours "don't match" who cares? As your Mum wisely remarked, in the spirit of thriftiness, these blankets would have been made from all the scraps and leftovers, which is the way I like to make my quilts too.
    I have a granny squares throw here made by my Nan, more than 35 years ago, and the colours don't "match".

  4. Thats a great start. You could crochet some wrist warmers, I am doing some for a friend, as a change from knitting. Do them sideways. Let me know if you want the number of stitches and wool I am using.

    You must visit Attic24 blog, you would really love it. Full of lovely hooky things, as is Little Tin Bird. Another lovely one is Crochet with Raymond.

    Good luck.

  5. Your first crochet looks fab!
    D'you find it relaxing? I love it!
    I've just gone back to knitting and it takes ssoooo long compared to crochet!
    Charity shops always have cheapish odd balls of yarn, so for making granny square blankets, these are ideal!
    Hope you're having a happy weekend.