Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the good, the bad and the ugly

The good - thanks to everyone's comments on the blanket, I'm trying to finish it quickly as I already have plans for the next one, I will start with any wool I have left over from this blanket - well and truly hooked ha ha!! Also had a move around at work and I now have a desk by a window so lots of natural light and hidden around the corner so less distractions = less stress hopefully!

The bad - I've taken my eye of the ball in terms of our money and budget and its gone a bit pear shaped this month. I used to use the 'envelope' system which worked well for our food,petrol money etc, but over the last couple of months I thought I would try to manage without it, well thats just caused more problems, with the end of month approaching and no money!! So, the plan is to return to the 'envelopes' next month and carry on with it. I have come to realise that I have to be extremely controlled with money and I am too easily swayed and distracted into spending money I dont need to and effectively wasting it. I find it a struggle to maintain a grip on money.

The ugly - this leads on nicely to the ugly - my attitude towards money recently has become the 'what the f##K' attitude and this has contributed to a lack of funds now. I have been feeling envious of others when I see them spending in a free way ( I know its probably on plastic) and I start to think that I am somehow entitled to do the same and end up doing so. I know I'm an idiot, I keep telling myself that the soon the debts are gone the better and they wont be gone if I'm wasting money, but there is something about wanting what I see as 'treats'. These are things that I dont really need, but feel I am somehow entitled to them. I need to get a grip and give myself a good talking to. You would think after all this time, I would have got over these feelings and accepted what I need to do. So onwards with the debt busting, I only have myself to blame.


  1. Oh dear, you and me both. I think Christmas brings on that sort of attitude to money. Its a hard time to be frugal, with a lot of temptation about. January is always a time of oh s**t! We have officially run out of money today, and its still a week till payday! (I think if these companies pay early in December, they should pay at least a few days early in January too, five and a half weeks is a long time to make the usual monthly sum stretch!)
    We have also put several items on the BNPL and that always leaves me in a cold sweat! I know sensibly I can budget them in, but then theres also the extra Christmas spending to pay off. I think everyone is in the same boat to be honest, and if they're not, they must be very rich, or extremely self controlled!
    I am sure all will be well, you just need to work out a new budget and stick to it. Maybe you could allow a very frugal amount each month for "treats" and then be more picky about what you actually spend it on.
    By the way, the envelope scheme sounds interesting, what exactly is it?

  2. Hi
    Don't beat yourself up about wanting a treat now and again - you're only human, you obviously work hard and you've only done what many of us do at some point in our lives - Do what Frugal Queen does and have one day out per month - but spend no more than £10.00, take a flask and sandwiches and have a break (treat) with your family - pay day will soon come round and one day life will be easier (the debt gone) for you - the crocheting looks really good too xx

  3. It takes a very long time to become a recovering spendaholic, don't feel down if you fall off the wagon sometimes. Try turning round the feelings of being envious of what other people have, to being grateful for what you have. I often tell myself I am so lucky. I have my health, I have lovely places to walk, I have three lovely cats, and smashing friends. I have a roof over my head, and enough to eat, that will do nicely thank you. Have a treat now and then, but make it a cheap one :o)

  4. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all have phases where we feel we need a treat, especially when being so thrifty all the rest of the time. Get back in control with your envelopes and take it from there.

  5. Great advice from all those people! Thanks for your comment which I found on my blog this morning. Bizarrely I was reading YOUR blog very late last night and thought 'must sign up as a follower' and then got distracted and forgot [have done it now!]
    Impressed by your crochet. I started with enthusiasm in November, then stalled over Christmas and back to sewing and knitting instead.

    weekend blessings x

    [btw when were YOU in Bishops Stortford - it must have been after I left, cos I am so old!]

  6. Becky, don't be so hard on yourself my lovely. We're kinda brought up to think like this! It's all around us..

    You're doing a grand job my dear. xxx

  7. Hi, I know what you mean about saying sod it, I need a treat, we go to the cinema then a meal out afterwards at Pizza, the cost? free because we exchange tesco points into reward vouchers.

    Josie x

    ps) my weakness is buying on ebay, click, click and before you know it you've spent some money, so try to limit myself to £6.30, thats the cost of the water rates weekly payment then it's not too difficult to put back the week after!