Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So, here we are at the end of January, Imbolc is upon us and is supposed to be the beginning of Spring! Doesnt really feel like that at the moment given the weather. We have not had any snow (so far) here in MK, but tomorrow the temperature is supposed to not rise beyond -2c!! Lets hope Imbolc will stir the beginnings of Spring. The blanket is finished.
I'm really pleased with it, its currently at the end of the bed and will keep my feet warm, think I'm going to need it, getting down to -4/-5c tonight. I've already started on my next blanket, I've started by using the left over wool from the first scrap blanket. I'm also virtually at the end of a dose of antibiotics that I was prescribed for an abscess I had in my armpit, theres been a lot of pus - lovely! The abscess is nearly gone, but as this is not the first I've had in the past year, I am now going to have a blood test - the GP wants to check everything due to the abscess and because of my age (I'm 41). I dont mind, I would rather this than not know if something was wrong. The doctor went on about diabetes, I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.


  1. Good luck with your tests.
    Your blanket is looking lovely, I hope you will continue to create such pretty, homely makes and not worry about whether the colours go :-)

  2. Your blanket certainly looks lovely. Just right for the cold weather we have at the moment! Hope all goes well with your blood tests. Better to get it all sorted.

  3. Your blanket looks lovely. Fingers crossed for your blood test results. Sending you Imbolc blessings ... :0)

  4. I'm impressed by anyone who can crochet. I've just got a book out of the library that's supposed to be for children learning to crochet and I still don't understand it. I've cast on to knit a cardigan instead! Good luck with your blood tests.

  5. Lovely blanket, keep up with it, I knit and crochet but think crocheting is easy to get on with providing you stick with something simple.

    41! I thought you were a youngish lass! Well, I suppose to me you are that. I hope everything goes well with the blood test.

    If you want some crochet tutorials, look on the blogs Little Tin Bird and Attic 24, or on you tube. On some blogs, they refer to the English 'treble crochet' as double which is the American version. Usually best to check. Those two blogs might just inspire you, mainly the things made are very simple.

  6. Your blanket is looking lovely :) I love crocheting, something so relaxing about it :)

    Gem x

  7. the blanket is wonderful!

    i hope you are feleing better now~i was diagnosed with diabeties in my late 30's and although it is hard it becomes easier.