Monday, 23 January 2012

the end of the month

Firstly thanks for the all the helpful comments from the last post and welcome to my new followers. I must pay a visit to your blogs. Liz asked about the envelope system, there is probably lots on this on line, but this is what I do. The idea is the put money aside in envelopes (or in my case ziplock freezer bags) for things such as food, petrol etc each money. We set a regular amount each month for food and petrol and I will draw this money out when we get paid. This way we know regardless of what else happens we have enough money for these things each month. Others may also set aside money each month in envelopes for other bills such as rent. It works best when you are happy to stick to spending the same amount each week/month on your shopping etc. It works for us. You can also do it by transferring money in different saving pots through your bank.

So the end of the month nearly, we have ( the last time I looked) £2.62 to our name! Beloved is paid on Friday and I will draw the money for the envelopes and go shopping then. We dont need money for anything else at the moment, but still 3 days to go!! We are going to have to probably buy a new car battery and charger - the battery was flat this morning. Cars are just money pits to me. I've been thinking about treats and how to fact them into the budget. We will give it a go and perhaps decide each month what the treat will be, it will be nice to have something to look forward to. What I want and need money for now is more wool, I am truly hooked and cant wait to start the next blanket. dont know what we will do with them, I already have several that are being used all the time. You can never have enough blankets.


  1. Have you hought of picking up hand knit sweaters from car boots ? I do it all the time, then unpick and re-use the wool ? sometimes they have never been worn, so a great bargain.

  2. Call into a charity shop and ask them if they have any knitting wool. I volunteer in a charity shop and we keep it all in a tub in the back of the shop and bring it out for anyone who asks to rummage through.

  3. I like the idea of your envelopes, Becky. At least then, you know exactly what you are able to spend each month, instead of just buying things on the old credit card, and then having a fit when your bill arrives at the end of the month!!

  4. I just got some wool from the charity shop today, small balls, haven't weighed them yet but bought 7 at 10p each! Another idea is to put an ad on your local Freegle, Freecycle asking if anyone has any to give away.

    I gave some knitting needles to a young lady who was asking for them and she was most appreciative.

  5. If you're after new balls, Lidl have got some nice yarn in at the moment for about £1.00 per ball.
    Or as Campfire says, charity shops are good hunting grounds, boot sales, jumbles?
    You're doing well with your envelope system my lovely :o)

    Can you email me Becky? Windows won't let me email you automatically for some reason, so if you could just send me a quick email, just so I have you're email addy, that would be great!
    Speak to you soon my lovely,
    Donna xx

  6. Hi Becky :) thanks for your lovely message. I do hope you enjoyed your crimbo in Cornwall and the weather wasn't too bad for a change lol loving the new look here x x x blessings sweetheart the crochet is very cool well done

  7. Lidl have wool in this week. £3.99 for 4 balls of 100% pure new wool or cotton. They also have sock wool x

  8. I have some wool I can send you, if you drop me an email at vintageseamuse @ with your address, I'll happily send it to you ... :0)