Monday, 16 January 2012

Crochet update

I thought an update on the blanket is needed. Its gradually getting bigger and bigger, not sure yet when to stop, still addicted to crocheting. Sorry its a bad photo, but the colour on the outside is a dark purple, I know the colours dont quiet match, but I dont care. I think T has his eye on this blanket when its finished!!


  1. I think it is great! A crochet blanket is a living thing..x

  2. It will make a great snuggler! When I worked at the day centre, I taught one of our seniors to crochet and her blanket grew and grew. After a few weeks she was bringing it in, carried in a shoping trolley LOL

  3. Crochet gets bigger so much quicker than knitting...LOL
    I don't blame T having his eye on it!

    Have a happy week my dear, and take care,
    Love Donna xx

  4. Your doing really well with your blanket. Great for snuggling under on these cold nights. Hurry and finish it so you can get plenty of use out of it before spring :)

    I've started a new blog and finished my old one
    Karen x

  5. You've certainly done very well with that blanket. I like the colours. It will keep someone lovely and snug!!

  6. I just love this - so bright and cheerful. I am just learning to crochet and am totally addicted x