Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So, here we are at the end of January, Imbolc is upon us and is supposed to be the beginning of Spring! Doesnt really feel like that at the moment given the weather. We have not had any snow (so far) here in MK, but tomorrow the temperature is supposed to not rise beyond -2c!! Lets hope Imbolc will stir the beginnings of Spring. The blanket is finished.
I'm really pleased with it, its currently at the end of the bed and will keep my feet warm, think I'm going to need it, getting down to -4/-5c tonight. I've already started on my next blanket, I've started by using the left over wool from the first scrap blanket. I'm also virtually at the end of a dose of antibiotics that I was prescribed for an abscess I had in my armpit, theres been a lot of pus - lovely! The abscess is nearly gone, but as this is not the first I've had in the past year, I am now going to have a blood test - the GP wants to check everything due to the abscess and because of my age (I'm 41). I dont mind, I would rather this than not know if something was wrong. The doctor went on about diabetes, I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.

Monday, 23 January 2012

the end of the month

Firstly thanks for the all the helpful comments from the last post and welcome to my new followers. I must pay a visit to your blogs. Liz asked about the envelope system, there is probably lots on this on line, but this is what I do. The idea is the put money aside in envelopes (or in my case ziplock freezer bags) for things such as food, petrol etc each money. We set a regular amount each month for food and petrol and I will draw this money out when we get paid. This way we know regardless of what else happens we have enough money for these things each month. Others may also set aside money each month in envelopes for other bills such as rent. It works best when you are happy to stick to spending the same amount each week/month on your shopping etc. It works for us. You can also do it by transferring money in different saving pots through your bank.

So the end of the month nearly, we have ( the last time I looked) £2.62 to our name! Beloved is paid on Friday and I will draw the money for the envelopes and go shopping then. We dont need money for anything else at the moment, but still 3 days to go!! We are going to have to probably buy a new car battery and charger - the battery was flat this morning. Cars are just money pits to me. I've been thinking about treats and how to fact them into the budget. We will give it a go and perhaps decide each month what the treat will be, it will be nice to have something to look forward to. What I want and need money for now is more wool, I am truly hooked and cant wait to start the next blanket. dont know what we will do with them, I already have several that are being used all the time. You can never have enough blankets.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

the good, the bad and the ugly

The good - thanks to everyone's comments on the blanket, I'm trying to finish it quickly as I already have plans for the next one, I will start with any wool I have left over from this blanket - well and truly hooked ha ha!! Also had a move around at work and I now have a desk by a window so lots of natural light and hidden around the corner so less distractions = less stress hopefully!

The bad - I've taken my eye of the ball in terms of our money and budget and its gone a bit pear shaped this month. I used to use the 'envelope' system which worked well for our food,petrol money etc, but over the last couple of months I thought I would try to manage without it, well thats just caused more problems, with the end of month approaching and no money!! So, the plan is to return to the 'envelopes' next month and carry on with it. I have come to realise that I have to be extremely controlled with money and I am too easily swayed and distracted into spending money I dont need to and effectively wasting it. I find it a struggle to maintain a grip on money.

The ugly - this leads on nicely to the ugly - my attitude towards money recently has become the 'what the f##K' attitude and this has contributed to a lack of funds now. I have been feeling envious of others when I see them spending in a free way ( I know its probably on plastic) and I start to think that I am somehow entitled to do the same and end up doing so. I know I'm an idiot, I keep telling myself that the soon the debts are gone the better and they wont be gone if I'm wasting money, but there is something about wanting what I see as 'treats'. These are things that I dont really need, but feel I am somehow entitled to them. I need to get a grip and give myself a good talking to. You would think after all this time, I would have got over these feelings and accepted what I need to do. So onwards with the debt busting, I only have myself to blame.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Crochet update

I thought an update on the blanket is needed. Its gradually getting bigger and bigger, not sure yet when to stop, still addicted to crocheting. Sorry its a bad photo, but the colour on the outside is a dark purple, I know the colours dont quiet match, but I dont care. I think T has his eye on this blanket when its finished!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

My new obsession

Yes, I have become hooked on crochet. I love it, how have missed out for so long. At Christmas, I asked Mum to show me as well as a couple of youtube tutorials and I was away. I only know chain, slip and double crochet stitches, but it is enough to do a granny square blanket. I know that colours dont really match, but it is made thus far with entirely spare/scrap bits of wool, which my Mum tells me is how such blankets started. I find it really relaxing and love seeing the blanket grow before my eyes. Its not finished yet, but I'm already thinking of my next project!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Year, a new start

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We spent Christmas with my family in Cornwall and then returned home to spend New Year with Beloved's family. I saw the new year in with Big Ben, fireworks and several glasses of Baileys! Well Father Christmas spoilt me, I received the following:
a beautiful pair of DMs - they are a very shimmery shade of blue.
Some yummy L'Occitane smellies. This included eau de toilette - Bergamot and several lovely shower gels, the orange blossom is really lovely smell. I've been very fortunate as have beloved and T. Whilst we only buy for the kids in the family, beloved and I do give gifts to each other. So a new year, what will it bring. Whilst I am not one usually for making resolutions as I dont keep to the them, I have made a couple of decisions.

1 - I'm going to only eat chocolate that is fair trade/ethical. I am a big chocolate eater and this is detrimental to my health. To eat only fairtrade means that I will eat a lot less as well as being mindful and it is a lot harder for me to get fairtrade, compared to just trotting off the local shop and buying a bar of galaxy.

2 - Being me - for a long time now I have spent too much time trying to fit into certain 'scenes', follow certain paths, think certain things and now I realise that I must stop this. What I like, think or do is for me and stopping worrying about others. So for starters, I like classical and folk music, when I have told others this before I've been laughed at and made to feel that I'm odd, but now I will no longer care, thats their problem.
So here's to being the authentic me! x