Monday, 19 December 2011

Shh............its oh so quiet

Its very quiet in the dub household at the moment - T is currently staying at his Nanny's house for a few days and beloved and I really notice his absence, we are missing him terribly. He will be back in the middle of the week, a day at his cousins and then I will be at home with him on Friday. We will then be getting ready to go away. We are going to Cornwall on Christmas Eve to stay with my family over Christmas, we will be back home in time for New Year and spending time with Beloved's family. While I love seeing our families, I sometimes wish that we could just be tucked up in our own home for the duration. We have managed to slash our Christmas budget this year, we only buy for the children, no adults and this has made a big difference. Everyone agreed that over the years we have all spent too much and if you desparately needed something, why wait until Christmas.

I have managed to get T's presents - all are either second hand or greatly discounted in price. Feeling quite proud of myself with this achievement. I am off work from Thursday until the beginning of January when T goes back to school, I cant wait until I'm off, I really feel that I need the break. January is likely to be a busy month with beloved planning to work on his mum's bathroom which needs some repairs. I'm planning to sell more items on ebay and I also plan to sell some jewellry and other bits and bobs that I no longer want or need. What is the point of keeping them -taking up valuable space! For now I'm looking forward to Yule celebrations x

Monday, 5 December 2011


We had a considerable frost this morning, de-icer just doesnt cut it, you need a scraper and plenty of elbow grease. It appears that winter has finally stepped in through the door and made itself comfortable. We are managing at the moment to have the heating on for an hour in the morning and a hour in the evening. Even when it has gone off, the house remains warm for at least an hour afterwards. I suspect that if the weather becomes colder, then we will have to have the heating on for longer. Last year, I was turning the heating on without thinking about the impact on the cost/bill. I hoping this year, it will be a lot less! Bar a couple of bits, I have got all our christmas presents and these have all been either second-hand or the best deal I can find. We have slashed our budget for christmas presents, which I'm really pleased about.

a weekend walk

On Saturday whilst beloved was at work in the morning, T and I took the dog for a walk. T wanted to take some photos of the walk, these photos have all been taken by him, except for just a couple.
We stopped and looked at these tracks and wondered why they were there, going nowhere!
An example of the bodgit and legit landscapers used by the local council. Everything gets massacred.
Looking up the secret alley as we call it.
You can see a bit of T's thumb, this photo was not taken at the end of the day, but at 10am!!
Another alley near to us.
After our walk, I came home and made this - carrot and potato soup (more carrot than potato).