Monday, 7 November 2011

My first ebay listing

We have sold a lot of items on ebay over the years, but it has always been beloved who has listed the items and dealt with the sales. Today, I listed my first item on ebay - a leather handbag, which I no longer want. I'm a little excited to see how much and if the bag sells. I hope so, we need the money. Beloved has recently sold a number of items of his and I hope we are on a roll with this. We've had several unexpected things to pay out for this month and the ebay money will help. Given that we dont have any savings at the moment, we could not rely on this to bale us out.

I started writing this post on Monday after I had listed my handbag and thus far (Wednesday) there has been no interest. I hope it sells, it is brand new, unused, designer handbag, which was given to me. I'm wondering if the starting price is too high. In terms of the winter prep, I have now got T a new winter coat, which given that it is a little big, should last him a while. I have also been washing some winter bits and pieces and I think we are as ready as we will ever be. I am now thinking about Yule and Christmas and how we are going to fund Christmas. We will be staying with my family at Christmas and although we dont buy any presents for the adults, there are a number of kids including T that will receive presents. As it is we were paid 10 days ago, so not even half way through the month and aside from the money for food and petrol for the rest of the month, we are now broke! I thought our money management skills were improving, but I fear not. We havent been frivolous with our money, just spending it on unexpected outlays. Ah well, we have shelter, food, clothing and warmth. Talking of which we have still not had our heating on, we will hang on until the absolute last.


  1. Yeah I've lost my Ebay cherry too as a seller in the last couple of weeks. I've put ten items on and sold two. I'm relisting stuff (all jewellery) as I'm hoping people with snap it up for Christmas - just like your designer handbag! x

  2. Hopefully someone will come along and buy your designer handbag for a good price. It's such a worry having to live like that, with not having any spare money. I wish you well.

  3. I've been Ebaying for about three years now. I'm a seasoned seller of around almost 700 feedback scores. It's very addictive and a means of getting rid of things I have no room for.

    What you have to think of is everyone looking on Ebay is after a bargain. Sometimes you won't look at things that have a very high starting price. You can set a reserve on your bag.

    I sold something this morning that had absolutely no watchers on and then, it just sold. It is only a little item but it was good to make a sale. I also sold two VINTAGE cashmere jumpers that an aunt had given me and they must have been at least 30 years old. I got £12.00 for one and about £5 for another, it was a vest top. I'm just addicted but it is hard work, you have to make really good descriptions and take close up photos, in perfect focus so the buyer can really see faults.

  4. We're struggling to fund Christmas at the moment too. Quite frankly Christmas tends to be just a pain in the **** these past couple of years. But I won't moan about that on your blog! LOl.

    Ebay is a funny place. As a couple of your commenters have said, sometimes things just go at the last minute, and sometimes you can have 10 watchers and it still doesn't sell.
    This is how I look at ebay now, and it might help you.

    Got something that is no use to you? You can't use it any other way? Upcycling? As a christmas/birthday gift?
    Then we just put ot on ebay for half of what we really want for it, and if it goes we have more money than we started with, have got rid of a piece of 'clutter' and are happy (even though we may not be about the price.)
    If it doesn't sell when we put it on for half price, then we keep putting it on for 99p.
    Things are only worth what someone else will pay for them :o(
    This was a really hard philosophy to take when we first did it, but it works, and over the weeks your paypal account adds up, as not only are you getting the money for the item in there, but you're unknowingly saving extra money each week by the P+P going in there too :o)
    I'm just trying to tell you what works for us here, so it obviously may not work for you.

    Take care my lovely, and keep your chin up what ever .
    Kindest regards,
    Donna xx

  5. We are struggling with financing Christmas this year too, I have made a lot of gifts myself, but it's a little more difficult where children are involved, toys cost money, luckily my youngest of four is now 16 and understands the situation the majority of this country are facing at the moment.

    Hope you mange to sell your handbag soon and that you get a decent price.

  6. Wow your doing really well to have not put your heating on yet.

  7. Yep, aren't I Karen? Still not put it on. I do have the gas fire on high to heat the 'coals' then turn it down to 1 or 2, it's on 2 at the moment. I do close the door between dining room and conservatory as it's like an ice box in there. I don't attempt to heat it, not made of money nor do I want to chuck it away.

    I think Donna's remarks are absolutely right. I have found about 5 handbags which were in a box in the garage as my house is very tiny. Most are 'good' brands, one a Tula, one a French Connection and the other Label. I just marked them up for 2.99 or 3.99 and they have ALL sold. I now have more space and a bit of cash. I have stopped worrying about how much they are worth.

    I don't think you should give away your designer bag though, it probably will sell soon, you could reduce it a little.