Monday, 28 November 2011

A coat, no savings and Christmas

Firstly, for Campfire, yes it is a beetle under the tarp - beloved has spent a number of years restoring it by himself, using reconditioned or second/third hand parts when he has some money to buy them. Its a long process. Today I bought myself a new winter coat, I found one reduced from £29.99 to £19.99, its ok, probably not the warmest coat, but ok. I have been looking in charity shops but without luck - there is only one near to me and it has very limited clothing. Visiting any other local charity shops means a car journey and unless I'm passing I wouldnt do the trip just for one shop. I also looked in the shopping centre, but couldnt find anything new for under £60. I found my coat (new) in a shop called 'Store Twenty One', not sure if this is a chain or not. The coat is cheap and looks it, but I can get several layers under it.

Over the last couple of months, we have been putting some money aside for Christmas, however this is now pretty much all gone - we have had several unforeseen things we have had to pay out for and this has wiped the savings. This now means using December's pay to cover Christmas, far from ideal. I have had to revise the budget for Christmas, we also have to factor in travelling to my parents for Christmas. We dont have to pay out for anything there, but we will need money for petrol. Whilst I know that we are far better off than many other people, but sometimes I just get a bit fed up with the times we seem to be getting somewhere and then something comes along to set us right back. Things will get better and there will be opportunities to build up the savings again.


  1. "sometimes I just get a bit fed up with the times we seem to be getting somewhere and then something comes along to set us right back"

    that's exactly how I feel at times.

    coats - I got a trench coat from george at asda a few winters back in the sale for £10!

    Josie x

  2. You most definitely need a coat though my lovely.

    I agree with Josie on the sentiments, I get the same feeling here.

    Still, just think, in a month Christmas will all be over :o)
    (oh, dear, is that too humbuggy? lol)

    Have a good week my lovely, and take care. xx

  3. I got a lovely very long wool and angora coat from a jumble sale, the idea being to cut it up for a rug - got it home and wow, it's way too good to cut up. Also, a bit posh and smart for me but think if I wear it over tight jeans/trousers etc, I might get away with it.

    I've been driving my Beetle the last couple of weeks, the heater isn't brilliant if you put the screen 'heater' on so you have to wrap up well. It is a long job restoring a car. My husband does it for a living - well it's supposed to be a living! With the costs of his garage/insurance, liability etc, he's barely covering the costs of garage. Still I got a tax rebate for £88 this week. I'm pleased I've not lost my touch for car under cover spotting!

    If I didn't have a son with a nice fiancee who loves Christmas I would just not bother at all. I do feel a bit bah humbug when I see the shopping centres full even at 5.30 of an evening, all buying 'what' for 'the big day' as TV ads tell us. I hate it. I"m not religious and just like Donna, wish it were all over.