Monday, 28 November 2011

A coat, no savings and Christmas

Firstly, for Campfire, yes it is a beetle under the tarp - beloved has spent a number of years restoring it by himself, using reconditioned or second/third hand parts when he has some money to buy them. Its a long process. Today I bought myself a new winter coat, I found one reduced from £29.99 to £19.99, its ok, probably not the warmest coat, but ok. I have been looking in charity shops but without luck - there is only one near to me and it has very limited clothing. Visiting any other local charity shops means a car journey and unless I'm passing I wouldnt do the trip just for one shop. I also looked in the shopping centre, but couldnt find anything new for under £60. I found my coat (new) in a shop called 'Store Twenty One', not sure if this is a chain or not. The coat is cheap and looks it, but I can get several layers under it.

Over the last couple of months, we have been putting some money aside for Christmas, however this is now pretty much all gone - we have had several unforeseen things we have had to pay out for and this has wiped the savings. This now means using December's pay to cover Christmas, far from ideal. I have had to revise the budget for Christmas, we also have to factor in travelling to my parents for Christmas. We dont have to pay out for anything there, but we will need money for petrol. Whilst I know that we are far better off than many other people, but sometimes I just get a bit fed up with the times we seem to be getting somewhere and then something comes along to set us right back. Things will get better and there will be opportunities to build up the savings again.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Yes, the bag sold for £20. The buyer got a real bargain, a mint condition Ted Baker designer handbag which would probably retail for around £50-£60. Many thanks for the comments on my previous post, they are very helpful and I will bear them in mind for my next ebay sale. Life in the dub household is ticking along in a mundane but comforting way at the moment aside from my horrible itchy red rash. I have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosacea. Little is know about it's causes, but my doctor stated that it is likely to have been brought on by my body's response to a virus. It can last up to 8 weeks and the itching is very uncomfortable at times. Its not contagious or infectious thankfully, so no time off work. In fact I feel very well, just unpleasant to look at.

I have mentioned before that I am setting up my altar, well I have started on what you could call a mini altar in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it made sense.
I know this photo is dark - I took at the end of the day last week, but you get the general idea, it is still a work in progress. There is a conker, a little mushroom, a hag stone that beloved found, a small dish with a number of stones that T has given me from his travels. The goblet I found on a second hand stall at the market, its not perfect and I like that. The wooden spoon is hand painted, I bought it some time ago and then put it away as I didnt know what to do with it.
This is the design on the spoon, appealing to my witchy side.
You can see the design up the handle as well. There were all manner of pictures on the spoon, but all of a fantasy/fairy/pagan theme. Oh and we have finally given in and had the heating on, we have had a couple of really cold mornings over the weekend.

Monday, 7 November 2011

My first ebay listing

We have sold a lot of items on ebay over the years, but it has always been beloved who has listed the items and dealt with the sales. Today, I listed my first item on ebay - a leather handbag, which I no longer want. I'm a little excited to see how much and if the bag sells. I hope so, we need the money. Beloved has recently sold a number of items of his and I hope we are on a roll with this. We've had several unexpected things to pay out for this month and the ebay money will help. Given that we dont have any savings at the moment, we could not rely on this to bale us out.

I started writing this post on Monday after I had listed my handbag and thus far (Wednesday) there has been no interest. I hope it sells, it is brand new, unused, designer handbag, which was given to me. I'm wondering if the starting price is too high. In terms of the winter prep, I have now got T a new winter coat, which given that it is a little big, should last him a while. I have also been washing some winter bits and pieces and I think we are as ready as we will ever be. I am now thinking about Yule and Christmas and how we are going to fund Christmas. We will be staying with my family at Christmas and although we dont buy any presents for the adults, there are a number of kids including T that will receive presents. As it is we were paid 10 days ago, so not even half way through the month and aside from the money for food and petrol for the rest of the month, we are now broke! I thought our money management skills were improving, but I fear not. We havent been frivolous with our money, just spending it on unexpected outlays. Ah well, we have shelter, food, clothing and warmth. Talking of which we have still not had our heating on, we will hang on until the absolute last.