Monday, 10 October 2011

Winter preparations

The brilliant weather we had at Brighton Breeze seems a long time ago now and there is a chill to the air. On many blogs and forums there is much talk of winter preparations, my attempts over the years have always been haphazdous and this year I would like to be more organised. I am making a list as to everything that needs doing ( I know I am a bit late, but I still have time before the big freeze that is predicted - I hope!!).

  • Wash winter coat and repair - there are several small holes in my coat I'm hoping to patch-up - I wont have enough money to buy a new coat, although its been washed so many times, I think the warmth has been washed out of it!
  • T needs a new winter coat - this takes the priority over mine. I will buy something that is big enough to go over several layers.
  • Wash my fleeces - I have two which have plenty of life left in them
  • Check we all have hats, scarfs and gloves - need to check T's still fit him.
  • T needs a new pair of wellies - grown out of the old ones.

  • We have loft and cavity wall insulation already
  • The heating will be on a timer. probably a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the late afternoon/evening. At the weekends, we still stick to the same timings and just wrap up more when the heating is off, unless we get artic conditions.
  • Leaving the heating off for as long as possible, we havent had it on yet and trying to aim with it off for at least the rest of the month.
  • Beloved will in the coming month do a mini-service and a through clean and check things like the antifreeze.
  • Check all the tyres are legal etc
  • I am planning to start stocking up, especially on things like UHT milk. Last year there were a couple of times when I couldnt get to the shops.
  • Finish tidying/weeding
  • Store the garden furniture
This should not take that long to do, over the next couple of weeks. There is nothing more I can think of and if it is that cold then we will just have to tough it out!


  1. That's an impressive list. I must say, I have never conciously thought about preparing for winter, but I'll give it some thought now.
    As part of our on-going refurb, we're having new bay windows fitted in the sitting room and a new fireplace fitted. That should make that room a lot more cosy than it was last year. Plenty of wood out back, from the tree surgeon's work last year.

  2. Love your new header photo! Love the colour of that VW Camper van. Gosh, I'm very impressed with your list of preparations there. I did wash my two fleeces in the summer all ready for winter, I must admit! That's a good idea to get some UHT milk in, because it was quite bad last Winter, wasn't it.

  3. You are busy. We don't prepare for winter as such but we have draft proofed our bathroom window as there was a howling gale coming in round the edges! We always stockpile as we try to take advantage of special offers but this happens all year. We've still got the heating off aswell. Who will be the first to cave in?
    Love from Mum

  4. I`m impressed with your list. Looks as if you are going to be well catered for once you`ve managed to do all of the things listed there.
    UHT milk as emergency stock up is an excellent idea. I remember last winter that the shops close by didn`t get any fresh milk delivered for several days due to heavy snow. I shall get myself some before the nasty weather starts, too.

  5. You've got a good list there Dubgirl to be getting on with! I want to have a bit of a food back up like some uht milk, pasta, tinned tomatoes and bread flour so I can at least give us some basic food if the weather is too bad to venture out.

  6. well done!
    i keep saying we must be i am sure we are going to have a bad, if not worse, winter than last year.
    mostly it will be stockpiling uht milk, tea bags, tinned and frozen food, dog food etc. although we are only a five minute walk from the centre of the village last winter delivery lorries could not get through and even the short walk was like a deadly ice rink.