Monday, 17 October 2011

Winter preparation part 2

After my last post, I was all fired up to work my way through the house and garden preparing for winter. It seems that winter will be hear early with the weather forecast predicting a freezing downturn as of tomorrow. Unfortunately this past week I have been unwell with a stinking cold and have not had the energy or inclination to do much. Unforeseen circumstances have meant that the money I intended to use to buy T a new winter coat, wellies and slippers has now had to be spent on something else. As the coat is the priority, T is going to have to wear his old coat until we get paid at the end of the month. I've stuck it in the wash and it has come out ok, decent enough for T to wear. I'm slowly working my way through the other winter washing, such as the fleeces and I'm hoping to get out in the garden this weekend. We have not yet had the heating, although beloved has switched it on to check it works. We are planning to keep the heating off for as long as possible, with the rising prices due, I'm dreading what our energy bills will be next year!
Bright blessings x


  1. Hi there. The rising energy prices are really quite worrying, aren't they?! I think a lot of people will be putting on extra layers this winter, especially if it's as harsh as the last one. Do hope that you are feeling better now. Take care.

  2. I agree, keep the heating off as long as possible, get the winter woollies out and serviced, then add several layers to keep warm.
    Let`s hope we all can save some money that way.

  3. hola - just realised that you moved your blog. doh! and look you were in Brighton! Hope all well in your world. am sticking my head in the sand re the energy price rises right now. though still thinking of getting the floor insulated. at least we have a rug this winter! but the floor boards have gaps and its cold and drafty under that there floor! xx

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