Monday, 31 October 2011

Samhain ( Halloween) /Birthday

For those who asked on my last blog post, it is pronounced sow'een/sow'ein. Today is also beloved's birthday. He has been throughly spoilt with presents, money and a large cookie cake - he's already snaffled at least half of it! He says he has had a great birthday. Samhain is a significant festival in the pagan calendar (I use this term as an umbrella term) and represents for many the new year, rather than 31st December. It is the time that the veil between two worlds is at its thinnest, with Samhain being the time to think about life and death and those who have died, with the opportunity to honour our ancestors, family and friends who have gone before us. For some, an extra place will be laid at the table for dinner for those who we wish to remember. I didnt do this tonight, mainly because we didnt sit at the table today - on our laps-special birthday meal. I did stop earlier and remember my grandmother and my father-in-law and the times I shared with them.

This time is also the time I consider to be the new year and as such I contemplated the year that has been and the year that will start and my hopes, dreams and expectations. We dont really 'do' Halloween in the commercial sense. I have carved a pumpkin with T, mainly as this is fun and T enjoyed it and I think they look great with a candle in glowing merrily away. Thats about as halloween as we get in this house. I did try taking a photo of the pumpkin when it was dark - it is sitting on my kitchen windowsill, but the photos didnt come out very well. I look now to the coming year and all that this will bring.

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  1. thanks for the comment on the cats, we would never be without them, except maybe when there are 5 on the bed at night :0(