Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have been at home since yesterday with T for the half term - we have not done a great deal. Just been at home, walking in the park and curled up on the sofa. The weather has been dismal with rain, rain and more rain! I am getting through my winter preparation with washing the fleeces etc. I still need to get a winter coat for T, but we get paid at the end of the week and so I will get him one then. It is Beloved's birthday on 31st, we are not doing anything particularly special, but I will cook him a special meal - whatever he wants and I have bought a present for him and got him a cake. I want to make 31st special, not only for his birthday, but also as it is samhain. This is my new year and a time to remember those who have passed - the veil thins between the two worlds. I will also get some treats in - we might get trick or treaters, I hope so, I always like seeing the kids dressed up. At the moment, I am making an altar and will post some pics once its done.
Blessings for Samhain


  1. Hi there. I had to look up Samhain, as I hadn't heard of it before. I will look forward to seeing some photos of the altar that you are making, and i hope your beloved has a happy birthday. We are having a little halloween party for all the grandchildren, so it should be fun. We are having rain, rain and more rain down here, which is so disappointing, as my family arrived from France on Sunday, but we haven't been able to do very much.

  2. I too looked up Samhain as I have never heard of it. You learn something new every day. Looking forward to seeing your alter.

    Have a lovely day on the 31st to you all.

  3. Big Samhain celebration here in Glastonbury and my sons GF bday, so we will be able to introduce her to an old Celtic festival (she is from Thailand).
    Have a great birthday meal the 2 of you.

  4. I'm never too sure how to pronounce Samhain, I have heard different ways, do you know the correct way.
    thanks for your comment