Monday, 3 October 2011

Brighton Breeze

There has been a distinct lack of the VW scene in the dub household this year. We did go to the show at Stanford Hall in May, but nothing since. At the weekend, particularly given the fantastic weather, we decided to go the Brighton Breeze. Its one of the last shows of the season and all the vehicles line up along the seafront. We have been before in 2009 and always wanted to go back. For pedestrians like us it is free, took a picnic and only cost us our petrol. Here are some photos.
Brighton was glorious in the brilliant sunshine.
Check out this cute little caravan being towed by a camper.
Beloved and I loved the tiki inspired artwork on the bonnet and the fake wood detail on the sides of this beetle.
There is always at least one 'Herbie' beetle at any given VW show.
Great paintwork on the front of this van.
I love beetle cabriolets and this was the perfect weather for them.
Vans were the vast majority of vehicles present at the show, this seems to the norm at the moment in the VW scene. Everyone wants a camper van = extortionate prices!
We all agreed on the paint job on this van - very cool.
This was one of my favourites.
Beloved was smitten with this van - bit too 'bling' for me if you know what I mean.
Beloved was also taken with these 'chopper' style bikes, the one on the left particularly as parts of the bike were painted to look like wood. dont fancy the set on the bike on the right!
This bike got a lot of attention from everyone. In all a good show and I think one of the highest turnouts of vehicle, in large part due to the weather, although it would cost you £40 to show your vehicle! If you click on the photos you will get greater detail.


  1. How close you were to us, we are a few hundred yards from the seafront.
    You picked a great day for it.

  2. Hi Dubgirl! in response to a comment you left on my blog ...

    dogs and conkers- I tghought they were poisonous? So i googled (like we do!) and came up with this... Theres other reports if you google, so maybe you better stop him doing it! Hope he's ok, leanne x

    Ps just noticed youve had a birthday- many happy returns!!

  3. Fantastic photos. I just adore those old VWs, both the cars and the camper vans. The customized ones look great, and look at that gorgeous blue sky. The weekend was amazing, wasn't it?! We have the Race to the Sun VW event down in Cornwall, which is fantastic. One of my daughters had a VW Beetle for many years, and the other one still has a retro VW Camper van!

  4. My Dad had an old Orange VW camper van. I wish I had kept it when he got rid of it!

  5. ahhh good old brighton breeze! we first went in 1999 in our green beetle, then from the following year in our bay window 'pilchard'. we have not been for about five years now~we stopped going when we bought the h van. loads of our vw friends still go~maybe now we are back with a vw we should go again!

  6. Brighton is a long way for me in my 1303s Beetle. I went to the VW show at Tatton Park this year and lasts.