Monday, 19 September 2011


Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for all the very supportive comments on my last post. Beloved and I have been discussing the issue of pensions and have decided that we want to make some headway with the debts first and focus on getting rid of the debts asap!! Its T's birthday soon and he wanted to "see the dinosaurs" for his birthday and this has resulted in trip to the Natural history museum at the weekend. T has been desparate to go for some time and had a great birthday treat. The museum has changed a lot since I last went, which was a long time ago as a child and it is now far more interactive for kids. You can even have a sleep-over there, how great would that be!

The great thing about this museum and many others is that it is completely free to enter. We took a picnic - there was a picnic area in the museum and it cost us £40 to get to London on the train. We got a family travelcard which lets you travel on the train, tube and bus. This was all part of the adventure for T. This was the cheapest deal we could find and yes we saved some money for this day out. We all enjoyed the museum and are already talking about saving up to visit the science museum next year. - the dinosaur exhibit is the best, particularly the animatronic T-rex.

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  1. Oh what a great day you had - taking your own picnic to the museum is always a good idea - why are they so horrendously expensive. We need to visit the newly refurbished museum in Edinburgh when we are next down. xx