Monday, 26 September 2011


Yes it was my birthday and mine and beloved's first wedding anniversary. We had a lazy day and I put my feet up and watched Downton Abbey and several other programmes I had recorded. My mil took us out for dinner later and beloved bought me this for my birthday.
It is a lovely box with the green man on the lid, sorry for the blurred photo, it is supposed to be for tarot cards, but its not big enough for mine.
I decided to fill the box with these - incense cones, also a birthday present - lavender and dragons blood. This was the incense burner that I received -
A lovely mini cauldron and I have already been burning some incense - love the dragons blood - supposedly to repel negativity and for protection. Today it was T's birthday - 6 years old, I cant believe how quickly this time has gone. Aside from the visit to the natural history museum, T had a friend over on Saturday and spent a number of hours playing inside and outside with what it seems likes all T's toys!! T and his friend had a wonderful time and T is already talking about a sleep-over. A great weekend and little if any mony spent.


  1. Can that be a year since your wedding?
    How time flies.
    Happy Birthday - I love your little cauldron!

  2. Lots of celebrations going on there. Happy that you had a lovely birthday. I love your little cauldron as well! I just adore Downton Abbey! Real Sunday evening viewing.

  3. Happy Birthday Dubgirl! You sound like you had a lovely weekend.