Monday, 26 September 2011


Yes it was my birthday and mine and beloved's first wedding anniversary. We had a lazy day and I put my feet up and watched Downton Abbey and several other programmes I had recorded. My mil took us out for dinner later and beloved bought me this for my birthday.
It is a lovely box with the green man on the lid, sorry for the blurred photo, it is supposed to be for tarot cards, but its not big enough for mine.
I decided to fill the box with these - incense cones, also a birthday present - lavender and dragons blood. This was the incense burner that I received -
A lovely mini cauldron and I have already been burning some incense - love the dragons blood - supposedly to repel negativity and for protection. Today it was T's birthday - 6 years old, I cant believe how quickly this time has gone. Aside from the visit to the natural history museum, T had a friend over on Saturday and spent a number of hours playing inside and outside with what it seems likes all T's toys!! T and his friend had a wonderful time and T is already talking about a sleep-over. A great weekend and little if any mony spent.

Monday, 19 September 2011


Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for all the very supportive comments on my last post. Beloved and I have been discussing the issue of pensions and have decided that we want to make some headway with the debts first and focus on getting rid of the debts asap!! Its T's birthday soon and he wanted to "see the dinosaurs" for his birthday and this has resulted in trip to the Natural history museum at the weekend. T has been desparate to go for some time and had a great birthday treat. The museum has changed a lot since I last went, which was a long time ago as a child and it is now far more interactive for kids. You can even have a sleep-over there, how great would that be!

The great thing about this museum and many others is that it is completely free to enter. We took a picnic - there was a picnic area in the museum and it cost us £40 to get to London on the train. We got a family travelcard which lets you travel on the train, tube and bus. This was all part of the adventure for T. This was the cheapest deal we could find and yes we saved some money for this day out. We all enjoyed the museum and are already talking about saving up to visit the science museum next year. - the dinosaur exhibit is the best, particularly the animatronic T-rex.

Monday, 12 September 2011

back to reality

Well it is back to the comfortable routine of school and work. Autumn has been knocking on the door for a while and now its well and truly come in. The trees locally are all well on the way of their change to warm and rich autumn colours and T has already begun collecting lots of conkers, its one of his favourite autumn past times. I have mentioned before on my other blog that autumn is my favourite season, partly as all our birthdays fall in autumn. This year T has talked consistently about wanting to see dinosaurs so we will be paying a trip to the Natural History Museum for his birthday. We are sourcing the cheapest rail prices and the museum is free. We will take a picnic and hopefully it will not be expensive.

We are still on our path to try to keep saving and live as frugally as possible. In the coming months, I plan to put some money aside for the car tax which is due in October as well as Christmas, never too early to mention it!! I was very pleased this week as I managed to get the shopping in for £40, which has been unheard of recently, I have struggled to get it below £45, which I think is due to the rising cost of food. We recently filled the freezer and this does indeed help to keep costs down. I also got a 6p off a litre of fuel voucher and when I did fill up I had accrued enough points to get a £5 food voucher. I will buy a fivers worth of extra food this week. What I now need is some way of being able to pay all our outgoings and the debts quickly as well as being able to both pay into a pension, which is something we are not doing at the moment. This does worry us both, but we can not seem to find a way forward in this respect. We want to pay off the debts as quickly as possible, but losing more income to the pensions mean a longer time to clear the debts. Not sure what to do, I know we need pensions, but the way things are going we will have to work beyond 65 anyway!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Buckinghamshire Railway

As I mentioned in my last post, we came back from Cornwall with some money left over in the saving account and last weekend we went to the Buckinghamshire Railway near Aylesbury, this is a steam railway, run by volunteers as a charity and has a number of engines being restored as well as others running on the track. We managed to get a deal on the entry costs and took a picnic. The only other costs was a book for T from the second hand book shop - a Thomas the tank engine book.
T liked the idea of being a train driver, like the Jones the steam from Ivor the engine, does anyone else know these stories, T loves them.
This engine was from South Africa and was huge!
Of course, we went for a ride.
There was also a vintage vehicle rally going on as well.
I love Morris Minors.
This Buick was incredible.
There were also lots of great vintage motorbikes. This Norton was my favourite.
There was also this showmans van at the centre.
I tried to get a shot of the interior of the van, its amazing how much was crammed into these vans.