Monday, 22 August 2011


We are back from Cornwall. T has spent two weeks with my parents and family who are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Beloved and I joined T last weekend. Its been a relaxing week with a few days going out and about as well as spending lots of time with the family. I am really pleased with this holiday as for the first time ever that we had saved for over several months and we still have money in the saving account! That is a first for me. Anyway, we spent time on the beach. We visited Talland Bay beach, which is out of the way and secluded.
As you can see lots of rockpools.
A bit of an overcast day, but this does not stop us!
We also went to Falmouth and visited the Maritime museum - well worth a visit.
A trip to Boscastle, we really love this place, even more so with the museum of witchcraft, one of my favourite places to go to.
Also Tintagel, we have already been to the castle, this photo (above) is on the top of the cliffs nearby, there have been settlements there long before the castle was built, fascinating place, albeit a long climb both up and down the steps!!
There was a trip to the Barbican in Plymouth
and a tour of the dockyards with a number of warships in dock for repairs and re-fits. This was a popular excursion for the men of the family.
Lastly a trip to Mevagissey - this place has grown on me and it is very picturesque.
The harbour was bustling, plenty of tourists, but also still a working fishing village.
In all another great holiday, we always have a wonderful time in Cornwall, I feel that my heart is there, partly as my family are all there. I do dream of living in Cornwall, beloved and I have talked about it many times, unlikely in the current economic climate, both our jobs are a bit fragile at the moment, there is talk of my job potentially being privatised - I work in the Probation Service and we still owe too much on the mortgage to make much if anything of a profit, if we sold the house. Oh well, keep dreaming!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lazy, hazy summer days and freebies

Hi to one and all, it seems to have been a bit of a gap between now and the last post. We are now on the 3rd week of the summer holidays and so far it has gone well. Beloved and I taken alternate weeks off with T in order to avoid the astronomical costs of summertime childcare. This week T is at his grandparents in Cornwall and on Saturday beloved and I will be joining him at my parents for another Cornish week. I cant wait. Between us, beloved and I have managed to keep the last couple of weeks entertaining and frugal. On the occasions when we have gone out, we have managed to keep costs low by sourcing cheap deals, vouchers etc, especially for things like the cinema.
My neighbour kindly gave us these courgettes from her allotment and very tasty they were too.
She also gave us these yummy plums - they have all gone now!
I've been given this bag by my Aunt who is a total shopaholic, but I'm not complaining! It will be great for work.
She also gave me this one, which I love, she has more bags than anything else. Click on the picture and it gives more details and the brightness of the colours.
Sorry for the blurring, I was trying to get a closer photo of the bright colours on the bag.
Whilst in the loft looking for something else, beloved found this framed print, I had forgotten I had this, but love it. It was a car boot find, I love any prints/paintings of the sea/coast etc. SOrry the photo is at a weird angle, I was bending down, dont know why I did move the picture! x