Sunday, 17 July 2011

A new car

Here is a photo of our new car,a Renault Scenic aptly named 'Gaston' by T - it has a tax disc holder in the shape of a lady bird and there is a ladybird named Gaston in one of T' favourite programmes and of course he is french!
He is a rather smart french navy in colour and this morning, Beloved took the car to a local car wash, where you get a great job - full wash and polish - at least 6 bods working on the car and so you dont have to wait too long. Maybe not always the most frugal of options, but they do a great job and takes approximately 30 minutes. We have already noticed the better fuel economy and it has loads of space - plenty ofr all the camping gear. Beloved put our old car, a Saab up for sale and it was sold within a day. I dont understand why anyone would want to buy a gas guzzling boat of car in the current climate, but I'm not complaining. The only thing I do miss with the Scenic is the lack of power at times, the Saab had plenty - Beloved reckons I'm a bit of a girl racer at heart!!

In order to finance the car we had to take out a loan, not always the recommended move, but we have borrowed enough to clear the two credit cards as well. We now have one payment for the cards and the car at an interest rate that is over half that of the credit cards. We will have paid this loan within 4 years, which is the same amount of time had we snowballed the credit cards. Aside from saving, which would have taken us some time, there is no other way we could finance a new (to us) car. My ideal plan would now be to get my debt management plan done to 4 years. That would mean payments of over £700 per month - I really dont think we could manage this, anyway this is not something I am going to think about until the review is due next year. I am still definitely intending to get it below 10 years and increase my payments.

On a completely different note, I leave you with a photo of a recent meal, using some of our tasty homegrown spuds - the barefoot crofter was right - they are Richard Duke of York, I would definitely grow these again next year. They are sliced and fried with peas, sweetcorn, sausages etc - I love a one pot meal.


  1. Good choice of car, and lovely dinner option!

  2. Gaston, what a great name :)
    and room for camping too...even better!

  3. Love the car and that dinner looks really tasty. Can't beat growing your own food! Seems as if you did well with that loan, by putting everything together and getting a good interest rate.

  4. You did well to get a loan that had a good interest rate so thatyou were saving money.
    When i was offered one, the interest rate was nearly the same as credit cards!

    I do like your new car. We got a renault too, and the difference in fuel is amazing! I'm not getting stressed out whilst driving anymore and watching the fuel guage go down! We had a gas guzzling Chrysler before.

    Pleased you got what you want though. Especially as you can fit all the camping gear in and off you go!
    I bet you could do with a break couldn't you?

    Anyway have a great week. Does T break up on Friday? Mine all do. I hope it stops raining for the holidays though!
    Take care.