Monday, 25 July 2011

The best kind of frugal

I have wanted a bike for some time and I love bicycles like Pashley

This would probably set you back around £500-£600!! Unfortunately, I dont have that kind of pennies and even second hand they can cost several hundred pounds. Whilst moaning about my bicycle-less state to a good friend, she then proceeded to ask me to visit her. She then produced a bike from her shed and gave it to me. A Freebie bicycle, what could be better, a very generous gift, although she did state that I was doing a favour by helping to clear out her shed.
Here is the bike
Its a Raleigh pioneer ladies town bike, at least 20 years old, but still in reasonable nick. Beloved changed a tyre and inner tube and she was ready to go, although she does need a bit of clean up. I couldnt wait to get out there
Sorry about beloved's finger in the way! I know it is not a vintage style, but how can you beat a freebie like this! I have plans to give it a bit of a make over when I have some money and I will be getting a basket as well. I am planning lots of bike rides with T during the holidays.


  1. Oh I would love a bike! I have bought the children bikes from ebay for very little, but adult bikes are more expensive. I would too love a vintage style bike, but they cost soooo much! You are going to have a great summer riding about on that! By the way, I love the new car, we had one just like that a few years back before we had so many children. It was a lovely car and we were very sad to see it go. Enjoy both new modes of transport and have a lovely week. Liz x

  2. Fabulous!
    (My blog freind Francien just got one of those smashing "old style" bikes and I've had bike-envy ever since).
    Fancy getting a bike as a gift, you must be chuffed. When you go to the tip, have a look at the old bikes because people never take the baskets off before dumping and you might get one for a few shillings (showing my age).
    Looking forward to seeing the makeover- Pimp my bike!

  3. Have fun on your bike.
    Love from Mum

  4. What a lovely gift to get!

    I too would love an old fashioned bike
    but like you mine is about 20 years old!

    Enjoy your new found hobby.

  5. In my youth I owned an oldfashioned Dutch bike with back pedal braking system. I loved that bike with its nice big seat and high handle bars.
    Have fun on your outings and take some pics to share along the way.

  6. ohh pashley's are gorgeous~shame about the mortgage needed to get one!
    still we go one better by getting a recycled bike :) i found evangeline on ebay and just loved the idea that she was made and bought in france and she was a girls 'daily driver' around paris for so long :)

  7. You will probably find the Raleigh is lighter & easier to ride. You might add a rack then you can do your shopping on it.

    Get out on the bike and enjoy your freedom!

  8. We both love bike riding and over the years have cycled many miles. If you remember I blogged about our new fold up bikes last year, whooooops, went for a log ride and (done my knee in!!!) not sure if I'll get on it again.
    Problem was, I thought I was 34 not 65, lol
    Enjoy yours though and Kath's right, get a basket and you can shop on it....

  9. Just seen this crafty cat corner. Is your saddle too low or high? Either of those can give you knee ache. You probably know it but just in case you don't.