Monday, 11 July 2011

An award

I know it has been a while since I last posted - we have been very busy with life I guess. Thisisme at the blog Southams darling has recently given me an award and I have to tell you something about myself.
Something that I have never said on my blog before is that one of my absolute favourite things is ballet - I love it and wish I could go to the ballet all the time. I love everything about it and find it a beautiful, exciting and moving experience. My best experience was seeing Swan Lake at the Royal Opera house as a sixth former. The queen and Princess Margaret attended the theatre and was considered very exciting at the time, by a group of excitable seventeen year olds! If you have never been, then do try to see at least one ballet in your lifetime, I would dearly love to go more, but it is very expensive. I did ballet and tap as a young girl, but I've always been a bit of lumbering lump and lacking in any grace.


  1. Oh how i longed to wear shoes like that. I was a bit ballet obsessed when I was young, but no ballet classes around in those days where we lived. xxx

  2. I love ballet as well! Last year, I went to the Royal Albert Hall in London, and saw Swan Lake in the round. It was breathtaking. Congratulations on the Award!

  3. I also love ballet. always wanted to do it when I was a kid but we couldn't afford the lessons. Mind you, I was never a waif so probably would have been laughed at. Never the less I can sometimes be seen doing a few moves when I'm on my own. lol
    You asked about the blocks, I'm not sure what to do with them, that's a laugh isn't it? I just love embroidery, especially beading and so enjoy doing it. I thought they might make a small wall hanging, or centre of a quilt or cushion maybe. The trouble is they are quite heavy when finished and a quilt made of them would take 2 strong men to put it on the
    Any ideas ???

  4. I love the ballet too. My favourite is anything by The Northern Ballet - they are great dancers and have wonderful costumes. xxxx