Friday, 17 June 2011


I have been rediscovering many things recently. For one, I have rediscovered my love of books and reading. For a long time, I never seemed to have enough time to read due to working, T and life in general, but recently following a trip to the library, I have started to make time to read and really look forward to the regular trips to the library with T. We are fortunate that there is a small sub library only a 5 minute walk away. T also loves the library, I hope the council dont close this small library due to the cuts.

I have also rediscovered an old school friend via facebook - I dont really like FB and dont really frequent it. Its been lovely to reminisce about old times and I hope that we will be able to remain in contact and meet up at some point. We were very close. I have also rediscovered what it is like to live without a car - it has played up a couple of times and it was a struggle to get to work without it. I am expected to have a car for my job, as at times I am required to go on prison visits. We are reaching the point of probably having to get another car, but every time I think about spending money to buy a car, it makes me feel very anxious!!

Finally, I have relived my days camping whilst in the girl guides. We borrowed a heap of camping gear and went away last weekend to a local campsite to see how we got on and whether we liked it. Well we did and had a fantastic time. We are planning to gradually buy some second hand camping gear and get away as often as we can. It can certainly be a cheap holiday and we are already making plans to get away to Somerset in August for a weekend.
Bright Blessings x


  1. Hi Dub girl
    Funny how you've posted about reading, I was thinking of posting about the books I read. I love reading but it has to hold me, I can't just read any old thing.
    I used to love camping and when the kids were young we all used to go in an old van, we had great times. Don't think I'd be able to even get out of the tent now, lol

  2. Unfortunately they're closing our two local libaries:o(
    But we still go to the big one. They have gorgeous craft books in there :o)

    We just got a new car, and I personally found it a nightmare! I had a bad case of 'better the devil you know!' But this new one has already saved us money on fuel, so there could be a really good bonus in getting a new one for you.

    I don't like facebook either, but I'm pleased to hear of some good coming out of someone using it!

    Camping is great, pleased youliked it, and don't forget your bunting! :o)

    have a great weekend Dubgirl. x

  3. Haven`t used my local library for ages, as I can no longer see anything new there that I might be interested in. Our little library is very badly stocked and doesn`t seem to renew their stock anymore. If they did I would use it more often.
    Glad you found the joy of camping. I have always been tenting with my kids, even in very wet summers, and often with bicycles in tow. The memories we made are invaluable! I`m sure you will find some really good camping gear for free if you advertise your search on your local Freecycle site.

  4. i stopped using my library as they did not really stock the things i wanted to read and would rarely get in new stock which is a real shame.
    our local oxfam is great for books and a good source to recycle your old books too!

    i hope you find some good camping gear, its worth shopping around for things too especially as places deliver as well.
    we are doing a moot down the road from us in july...literally four miles away but it will feel like we are miles away. just getting away from the four walls is great!
    any chance w emight see you at the book launch camp?!

  5. I have done th same, since coming to Glastonbury. I am loving being able to walk to everything, including the library. I love not having to use the car.

  6. Your header painting is delightful. I am so sorry - you are always so kind in popping over to see me and leaving comments, and I haven't been here. I really thought that I was following you! Anyway, I have now put that right, and shall look forward to reading your posts from now on. By the way, please look at my Blog tomorrow, as there is something there for you! I am so glad that you have discovered the love of reading again. I always have a book on the go, and, for me, it is one of life's pleasures! Somerset will be a lovely place to go camping. Please forgive me for not coming by earlier.

  7. Me again - I forgot to say that I love the title of your Blog! A cottage by the sea - now wouldn't that be wonderful?!