Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A new start

I have been becoming a bit fed up with the house of dub blog for a time now and rather than stop blogging, I felt it was perhaps time to change things and start afresh. I dont think that house of dub truly reflected what I want to blog about and I hope this blog will, although by its very nature, a blog seems to evolve over time. I want to blog about my life with my family, our pets and our attempts to clear the debts, clear the mortgage and reach our dream of living a simple life in a cottage by the sea. The blog will also include my attempts at a more frugal, thrifty and crafty way of living. Please join me on this journey.


  1. *waves* hello i am here too :)

    blogging is such a funny thing~it evolves and grows. i dont think i have even wanted to stop blogging but recently had periods where i had nothing to say, i could not even ramble~there was nothing in my head...sometimes there is too much and even then i cant write it as its TOO MUCH!
    so glad you decided not to stop blogging :)